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  1. hello, it is wonderful to meet all of you! my name is georgiy, but my internet name is molvanîa! im twenty years old and i live in oregon, but im originally from russia! im actually here because of some refugee stuff that i dont really want to get into, but it is kind of a bummer to live in the country that is responsible for making you a refugee in the first place.

    im currently in my third year of college, majoring in zoology! im a painter and digital artist, and ive also gotten some music published. it's mainly listened to in europe, where spotify isn't as big. which is good for me because spotify barely pays any money out to it's artists, but also bad for me because spotify is really the only streaming service that has detailed public statistics. most of my listeners are on deezer, which has recently expanded to eastern europe. spotify really hasn't taken hold in places like russia and serbia, where most of my listeners are.

    here is some of my digital art!



    here is my music!


    i usually play on the vanilla ttt server, the one that plays the minecraft maps. im actually not a huge fan of the minecraft maps, but most of the other ttt servers have those super cursed loot boxes that give you overpowered guns and really silly player models and just a bunch of silly stuff. also ive noticed that a lot of ttt servers are really toxic, whereas the servers hosted by sgm seem to weed out the bad people. there have been some people on there who have kind of harrassed me for my accent, but the mods have seemed to sort of protect me a bit by telling them to stop, so that's nice i guess.

    anywho, i think that is enough about me, i look forward to experiencing the server and the forums!
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  2. littlememe

    littlememe nothinglastsforever VIP Bronze

    pretty cool art, wish I was able to do that
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  3. Hey, welcome to the SGM community, it's really nice to meet you and I hope you have a great experience with all of the amazing people that we have here.
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  4. Jabba the Slut

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    Welcome to the servers!
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  5. capri sun

    capri sun VIP

    Really nice art dude, welcome!
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  6. sleepy panda

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    saw you on earlier , welcome man :love:
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  7. SavannahBanana

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    Welcome :)
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  8. firemac

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  9. j3kawesome

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    Hey There, Glad to see you on SGM
    I love the art work and it was fun to play with you last night :)
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  10. Espurr

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    That is some amazing artwork.
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