Have you been ever banned (be honest)

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Have you been ever Banned?

  1. Yes(give a description about your ban if you like)

  2. No

  1. i got banned once for rdm and leave, when i was a noob but have you been ever banned?
  2. Miss Alice

    Miss Alice winky face VIP

    Comin' up on 1,800 with a crystal clear record.

    Did get 602 karma once when I was just a regular though. Almost fucked it up


    Never. Rest in Peace the Staff member that ever does. He's going to regret it. :sneaky:
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  4. lewis1000

    lewis1000 VIP

    The only ban is...
    RDM&Leave 1st Offence I did by accident ;p ;-; I was noob then also.
  5. Silent Rebel

    Silent Rebel Lead Shitposter VIP

    I've never been banned. Never.
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  6. CorallocinB

    CorallocinB Animeme lord VIP Silver Emerald

    Karma bans aren't actually bans.

    Count- 1
  7. Emily❤

    Emily❤ The strongest light is the one within VIP Silver Emerald

    if karma counts I got 9 if not 1 that was an accidental ba
  8. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer VIP Silver

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  9. Hextis

    Hextis VIP

    Is a ban that wasn't meant for you count?
    Because if so, yeah, once.
  10. I've got a good chunk of bans (38). Most are karma bans (20), but there are several more srs band. I'm at the point where any legit mass rdm ban will probably get globalized and extended.
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  11. Carl

    Carl Kachow! VIP

    I've been banned for RDM+Leave like three times but that was in the past, live in the future :)
  12. Osmium

    Osmium Virtue VIP Silver

    I was banned for hacking on a Renengade server. I was young, didn't know how to hack and was falsely accused. They won't appeal it as they didn't have evidence to back their statement up. Corrupted system as their admin denied my appeal three times and banned me from their website.

    This what happens when your just good at killing people as a sniper. :)
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  13. RhazhBash

    RhazhBash Professional Button Presser VIP

    My adminstats are filthy.
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  14. Azaelus

    Azaelus I want to break free VIP Silver Emerald

    Oh boy here we go:

    RDM and Leave 1st : November 2014 (i was a complete noob)
    RDM w/o staff: December 2014
    Ghosting on Vanilla: January 2015
    RDM and Leave: March 2015 (but was voided)
    Karma ban EU: January 2016
    RDM and leave voided: May 2016
  15. twitch.tv/echostorm2k ⚔️

    twitch.tv/echostorm2k ⚔️ screwdriver Banned VIP Silver

    0 bans on record in a fairly lengthy time.

    I take pride in that.
  16. Pandora?

    Pandora? Alcoholic in Training VIP Silver

    Only have a karma ban lol. At the time I wanted to apply and thought I'd get denied cause of it, thought the server had high standards lmfao (its just a joke)
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  17. LegitCake

    LegitCake Loyalty Banned VIP

    Nope, clean record.
    No bans, no gags, no kicks, no mutes
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  18. Solar

    Solar El Dorado VIP

    2 slays, and that's pretty much it.
  19. More karma bans than i have hairs and like 8 specific bans,one of them due to ghosting (it was a mistake) 4 of them rdm and leave 2 spamming bans and one report spamming ban :/ yeah im not the cleanest dude but im working on it
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  20. Santa Claus

    Santa Claus Best Member VIP Bronze

    i got banned for exploiting lol. ruined my rep forever
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