Halloween Weekend 2016

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    [​IMG]Spooky Scary Skeletons[​IMG]

    This Halloween weekend will be celebrated with a special event consisting of:

    The return of the spooky models from last year:
    Jigsaw, Jason, Scream, Demon Violinist

    A specialty weapon that randomly spawns on map (Rhymes with Ulk Annon) [Non-Vanilla]
    Increased chance of fun rounds on all servers
    Hidden & Reapers only fun rounds for the entire weekend

    And also:

    New fun round for TTT!


    The Reapers fun round will be featured during the Halloween event and might even stick around permanently.

    We are also updating Deathrun for Halloween


    The skeleton is just one of few models that are being introduced as death only models available in the pointshop. These models will become available permanently.

    The event will start Friday (10/28/16) at 7PM Pacific time and end on Monday (10/31/16) before midnight Pacific time.

    Get excited!

    Highwon [​IMG]
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    Thanks Highwon!
  4. Darth Gorgamel

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    Sorry @Darktooth I had to use it, I love dis.

    Thanks for the Halloween event Highwon, you da best.
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  5. Mr Butters

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    Thats cool but MORE TTT stuff DR is irrelevant.
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  7. When Highwon is afk and @Lightning thinks it's safe to come out.

    Also, I look forward to everything here. Thank you highwon :)
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    Couldn't live without the T shaped skeleton model. Thanks for adding!
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    Awesome. Thanks for the great content. Anyone know what "the reapers" is?

  12. Mr Butters

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    It's gonna get spoopy soon~

  14. Hidden was always my favorite fun round. This is much more fun than that.
  15. BlueGalaxy

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    Maybe I will pay the other servers a visit only for that bulk cannon.
  16. Count Carned

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    Give Cartoon Grim on DR bby
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    Thanks highwon <3
  18. The Saw

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    Looking forward to trying out the new fun round.
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  19. STONEY


    Should have that spooky scary skeleton song be the loading in music on the server!
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