Halloween Weekend 2015

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    This Halloween weekend will be celebrated with a special event consisting of:

    • The return of the spooky models from last year (Jigsaw, Jason, Scream, Demon Violinist) [Non-Vanilla]
    • A specialty weapon that randomly spawns on map (Rhymes with Ulk Annon) [Non-Vanilla]
    • Increased chance of fun rounds on all servers
    • Hidden only fun rounds for the entire weekend
    • 100% more gore during Hidden rounds!
    And also:

    ttt_scavenge! A temporary new map on the rotation for our non-vanilla servers:


    The event will start Friday (10/30/15) at 7PM Pacific time and end on Sunday (11/01/15) before midnight Pacific time.

    Get excited!

    Highwon [​IMG]
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    I wish i didn't waste my 3k on the lottery... I cri evry time. :cry::cry::cry:
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    10/10 this post has strengthened my bones and gave me more calcium.
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    Ty mang
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    That's the cutest damn ghost.

    But really doe....#hype
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  17. any love for deathrun? :>
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    Do you know how much attention Deathrun has gotten since it's been created? please let the TTT people be happy with new things for a lil :(

    trick or treat
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  19. hell naw DR til i die
    which is probably the first trap
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