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    The idea is a WIP, but so far we have this:
    There would be Subjugators/Catchers(S/C) and the Detained, the S/C would have to bring the detained down to under 50% health before being able to capture them. They would then have to carry the Detained for a certain amount of time (Maybe 10 seconds) for it to count as a complete capture and earn the S/C a point, and Detained would earn points per S/C kill. The S/C or Detained with the most points would win the round.

    Now for the technicalities/balancing:

    General Balancing

    It would be a 3 (possibly 4) minute long fun round.
    After 2 minutes, both teams would drop to 50 health.
    With 30 seconds remaining, the Detained would get pistols with ONE magazine, plus the one already chambered. Two magazines total.
    If the timer runs out, Detained win, as the S/C failed their mission.

    Subjugator/Catcher Balancing
    S/C can only carry one Detained at a time, in order to keep some balance. (So you don't have S/C running around with 5 Detained, or )
    S/C go through a "test" of sorts. The first Detained they try to capture HAS to be caught. If they miss their shot, or kill the Detained, the S/C dies.
    If the S/C kills a Detained, they take a set amount of damage. (Might need more balancing, but for now 40 seems like a good amount)
    S/C get the basic pistol (maybe an upgrade to a better weapon after a certain amount of captures) and a knife. The knife is used to catch the Detained, so the S/C can bring them back to the capture zone.
    Every capture heals the S/C 10 health.

    Detained Balancing

    The Detained are given a crowbar to fight back. (Give them a fighting chance, since the S/C has to get in close for the knife.)
    Detained respawn if the S/C that is "carrying" them dies.

    If you have any ideas that you feel would help improve this, feel free to comment with them.

    @MiniMuffin for helping
    @Armor for the name of the S/C
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  2. Stardust

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    I think this would be an amazing fun round to have. It's more objective centered rather than gun centered, as most of our fun rounds are. Definitely be a refreshing fun round to add. +1
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    The idea definitely seems cool but I don't know how I feel about this being added. I'll stay neutral for now.
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  5. Didn't understand but sounds different. +1 if it matters
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  6. Alpha Wolfy

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    +1 because this sounds nice and ttt needs some new stuff.
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  8. I like it but idk ill be neutral
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