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    Alright I am not sure if people already know this, but might as well make something for it because ha Y O T E why not. So, you know how you'll open Garry's mod and be greeted by some strange background? For example;

    Well, you can change it if you rather not stare at some big guy eating a small dude or some other creepy shite.

    Two ways you can do this, you can take the long route and find the folder, or simply go into the Properties of Garry's Mod, and go into "Local Files" and "Browse Local Files" as shown here;

    Now you are greeted to your Garry's Mod Files. It's all simple now from this part, there should be a folder named "garrysmod" and just open it. This is the C O R E of the T H I C C game. Any bugs? Delete it all! Boom problem solved. Anyhoo.... Now you should see a folder named "backgrounds" which is where you find your hac- backgrounds, obviously.

    Here are all the backgrounds you see, you can leave them, copy them to another folder for safe keeping, or simply delete them all. Now you have the p o w e r. Just download whatever you want to be your background, just make note of one thing; Make sure you get a picture at or above your native resolution or it done fucks it up and looks B A D.

    Here is what mine looks like;

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now that you know... I'd like to see what you made your backgrounds!