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    Hey yall, i've got a few questions.
    1. Ghosting is the act of providing current-round-related, game-influencing information to an alive player, or players, through means of communications other than world or team chat.
    2. False or misleading information may still be considered ghosting if it affects the round.
    3. Streams must be set to a 5 minute delay. Can be longer than this, but not shorter.
    4. Acting on information that has been ghosted to you is also considered ghosting.
    - Telling alive players who the traitors are.
    - Sending any message that has potential to influence the current round.
    - Informing staff members that the last T is AFK is NOT ghosting.

    So, in this example, lets say i pm someone, who is alive and a T, "C4 spam cause cant aim, stop C4", and this person then stops and picks up/destroys the c4 they had just placed. Because my comment came right before they did this, can it be considered to have influenced the round?

    Another example, myself and a few other players are all dead, we pm eachother to buy t the next round, and we all go through with it, As it influenced the NEXT round, is it considered Ghosting. Considering PMs were used to avoid others killing us when the next round started, and considering it definitely influenced the round.

    Final example, if i message someone while i'm dead, just randomly, "you're blind" but never elaborate on anything, can that be considered Ghosting?
    As i never specify any round related things, nor do i say anything that has the potential to influence the round, such as why theyre blind, or at what time/location they were blind in, i dont believe this is Ghosting.
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    Yes, directly influencing what they are doing at that moment by telling than to stop using c4

    No, ghosting only applies to the current round

    Yes, telling someone they are blind has the potential to influence the round by having them look down, around, or recheck the ground. Potentially they will see things they missed or they will be distracted looking for things and get shot.