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  1. I love cramming pure garbage down my mouth , especially during gaming .

    How about you , what do you eat during a game
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  2. Stuff I usually eat during gaming

    blue cheese
    bread and cooked cheese
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  3. Coinspooky

    Coinspooky "But what if Robots" - Chris Wedge VIP

    b l u e c h e e s e b e t a, real men got that smoked gouda
    but besides that bagels, a shit ton of tangerines (probably unhealthy levels ngl), glasses of ice to suck on, and saltines is what I sustain myself on while gaming
  4. Dodley27

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  5. Spood

    Spood Banned VIP

    @Dodley27 OG miggas eat the can

    I've eaten a bunch of shit while playing. Mostly candy or chips, but one time I was eating a bowl of Jello while I played. I don't recommend it.
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  6. Ashes Relandi

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    Usually soda/beer and some chips.

    Otherwise Pistachio Nuts.
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  7. BlueGalaxy

    BlueGalaxy VIP Emerald

    I don't eat while gaming.
  8. Mothman

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    Sour patch kids

    I enjoy eating children while troubling terrorists
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  9. Togo ✿

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