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    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Everyone has their story of how they were friendzoned at one point or another. I want to know your story. Below is mine:

    What is your story?

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    Awwww Mango.

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  4. She*
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    5th Grade; Liked this girl; we talked alot; told one of my homies I'm gonna be absent one day; tell him to find out if she likes me :sneaky:; get back next day; walk up to homie and ask what she say; "No, he's just a friend."; :arghh: :ded: :rip: :ggnore:

    True story :cry:
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  6. Kythol

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    Long story short: I liked a girl. She was very flirtatious with me. I asked her out. She said she just wanted to be friends. Fin.

    like dis if u cri evrytim
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    This is how I make friends!
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