Fragstorm damage over time

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Should my suggestion be added?

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  3. Yes but with a few changes

  4. No you smell Yellow

  1. Yellow

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    Everyone knows that fragstorm rounds are the longest of them all especially if no staff are online to make sure people don't delay. That is why I propose we add a damage over time effect to fragstorm. The reason why this should be added is obvious. I think it should start after 2 minutes into the game since most people die in the first minute and after 2 minutes it's always 5 people alive spread across the map. The damage should be a random between 1 and 3 damage for every second you haven't damaged someone. This way it won't result in 4 people on 100 health waiting to tie up because the damage will be random and the chances of all of them getting the same damage is incredibly low. I don't know anyone who prefers fragstorm over other funrounds if there were tierlists of the funrounds all of them would have fragstorm at the bottom. And this is mostly due to the enormous delay that happens on it. This suggestion would probably fix that and won't make people killbind the moment it starts.
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  2. MY EYES!!!!!

    but sure +1
  3. did you pissed on your post?

    Either way this should be added to many other fun-round minigames
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  4. Silent Rebel

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  5. Yellow

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    Standard gray text makes it boring to read. You need to know how to amuse the reader if you want your suggestion to be added.
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  6. Lunar

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    yeah this seems like a super-duper cool however I think if ur able just to cook ur frag or make it explode when the timer runs out is the better idea here.
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  7. I mean yeah but don't make it like ow my eyes yellow