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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by .shirt, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Is that illegal to copy paste other posts on which people want some rating
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  2. Opalium

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    The thread is already quite dated and is undergoing reconstruction for a while anyway.

    In general, though, we do try to avoid stickies by banned users. As with most "official" threads today, credit is given where it's due even if the post is by someone else. However for the sake of appearance and formality we do replace stickies by banned users.
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  3. Zack

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    Oh and just for the record here lads and not-lads, it's entirely possible within Xenforo to edit the author of a post without having to remake the thing. No need to rewrite history or whatever the heck that was goin' on about.
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  4. Siddo

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    Just write a new one from scratch and everyone will be happy (y)
    Give credit where borrowing from the original if doing so.
    Ez fix.
    Snow "dumb name" Flake for president.

    Shying away from a complete rewrite, I'm a fence-sitter on this.

    Ideally formal posts should at the very least not be under a perma-banned author.
    Not because their ban discredits the good they did and not for the sake of some Orwellian overwrite.
    Simply because it looks mighty odd to have official/formal guidelines and information presented by a dishonorably discharged person.
    But it's not really a necessity either, 'cause as long as what it says is accurate, it can serve its purpose.

    I'd be for a remake though.
    New year, new thread (y)
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  5. Zack

    Zack Shepherd of Fire VIP

    Oh no it's Orwellian. We slowly delete these people from existence, one post a a time. :coffee:
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