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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Change-up, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. wubby

    wubby balls Administrator VIP Bronze

    @SquidgyBoat You will always be an S tier mod to me. Thanks for making the server fun and full of laughs. I will always appreciate your random snaps to the group chat. One day it will become active again :nurse:
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  2. stormcreator

    stormcreator I am The Flying Wombat. Kythol is the bae. <3 VIP

    Brand New Whip, Just Hopped In
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  3. @Bacon Bombs
    it was nice seeing you as a mod, even tho u only handled 1 of my reports it was the best way it could have been handled. gonna miss ya bud
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  4. Lunar

    Lunar 8:00PM VIP Silver

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  5. Bacon Bombs

    Bacon Bombs Matthew 1:25 New Testament VIP Bronze

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  6. Peter Wham

    Peter Wham Who am i?

    @Bacon Bombs Although I never saw you as a T-Mod or Moderator, I do not know what else to say. I am speechless.
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  7. Cathal

    Cathal Lead Trial Mod Moderator VIP

    Bacon was the best of us, sad we never got to work together, don't know why I'd stay in the team now that you're gone tbh
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  8. capri sun

    capri sun VIP

    Gonna miss ya Bacon, that was a fun as hell time (y)
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  9. if only I was on to see bacon do some work, rip to a real one
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  10. Titan

    Titan SGM's official music nerd Administrator VIP Bronze

    yeah, i dunno man, seems meaningless without my best mod ;)
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  11. roy

    roy is MOST DEFINITELY a ship VIP Silver

    @Highwon you were great on the staff it’s been real, pretty crappy at reports though tbh. Keep it real.
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  12. Indy226

    Indy226 Banned VIP Silver

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  13. eks dee

    eks dee SGM editor in chief VIP Bronze

    @staff team, sad to see you go man
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  14. 8BitF0x

    8BitF0x a pixelated fox that loves rdm VIP

  15. I can’t believe I’m still getting emails for this shit.
  16. 8BitF0x

    8BitF0x a pixelated fox that loves rdm VIP

  17. Robyn

    Robyn Floof Moderator VIP Silver

    Unwatch this thread then. Also you can make it so you stop getting emails when you post in a new thread.
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