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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Field_Sweeper, Apr 5, 2014.

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  1. Oh yeah, I do think I did plant c4 I couldn't remember because I think there were not very many people left I may have just spent the credit. That also may be why they didn't bother with a report, or maybe a timing glitches caused the logs to be shown as frag idk. All I know is I would and usually always accept slays etc if I was wrong.

    The only time I ever argue is when I was the one wronged, and nothing is being done. Or when someone is telling me something completely different than what I know to be true.
  2. That would be correct timing, actually, perhaps a glitch on the logs? timing is exactly 46 seconds (i usually set them for 45) so it may have been planted at like 1:52 (and 90 miliseconds etc. etc) and blown up at @;38 and 1 millisecond (to account for the extra second in the log) or that hey deaths log slightly off by one sec. in the log. That would also explain why they perhaps didnt bother to file a report? actually I am not sure if you were specing me or why you looked in the logs. since no report was filed and the round ended like whaty 10 seconds later or so. I mean. The whole thing started cus I was given to slays without being able to say my side of the story, then gagged when I kept trying to explain it, since I wasn't listened too and that me trying to defend my self is considered "mic spamming" is unfair. and that I never heard any other persons input, never saw the two T's complaining, and was gagged before an explanation and then it was my T round which also wasn't cool.

    I have been slayed legit on man T rounds, Tsu knows this, Thorn knows this, I usually have a good attitude, yes I will and can argue but only when Wronged and not allowed to defend. I think anyone would

    If you were randomly arrested for the murder of joe shmo, and placed on trial you would argue the hell out of it saying this is ridiculous, you would almost get delirious in dis belief if the trial was heading in the wrong direction since you are desperately trying to prove otherwise in the face of accusation.

    They say that those who are silent in the face of accusation (take not filing a report) is admission.

    If you don't stand up and defend your self, yet instead hang your head and stay quiet, you are essentially resinding to the fact that you were guilty. and taking you punishment.

    see what I mean? I am not even sure if I eat rice remembers now, or if he'll reply, let alone the other two guys. BUT the fact It wasnt looked at very well and conclusions were made without hearing my side, AND not even being told by the two T's, irked me.
  3. WHAT THE F,. now I have a GLOBAL BAN for 24 hours? and one for 13 on west ??? For what>? ONE MY FIRST BAN on one server results in global?, was banned from shout box for the third time supposedly for 5 days? what in the hell? HELL I was AFK all night in one, so how could I possibly be banned for 24 hours on all servers that dont even make sense what ban is for 24 on all servers?
  4. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    Yes, Field, but if you are arrested for murder, you don't really have any argument to give at that time; the police aren't going to listen to you to the point where you'll convince them to let you go. You wait for a trial, which takes place in our forums. I think you just need to let thing last be, in game, and report what you see on the forums. That is the appropriate way to report an issue; not by arguing and swearing at the staff and telling them to do their jobs in game and shout box. Just keep to that process and there wouldn't be much of a problem.

    The reason your ban was made global was because there were reports of you threatening to DDOS the server and because you have been warned about your attitude and because you were banned for it in game and carried it to shout box, the ban was made global for you to have some time to cool off.
  5. Thats why I posted here, I didn't even post a report on them the mods, I am not a tool, nor have I even placed one on you BECAUSE I can move on and let things go IF they were righted, btw Whats with the global 24 hour ban but the 13 hour one on west?
  6. When did I EVER threaten to DDOS the server? THAT IS A STRAIGHT LIE, Screenshot please? who in the hell said I was dosing I think the ONLY time I have ever even used that term here was when there was a lot of lag going on and some people were mentioning the server may be getting ddos'd so I without proof of that you just ban, are not ALL of the reports here essentially ignored if there was no proof uploaded? take mine and your argument angelx could not do anything at all without proof.

    the whole :"sorry we cna't do anything without poroof" I was never made aware of this, nor given any notice ??? I never EVER FREAKING Said something like that. and you know that.

    SHow me a chat log of me saying that. or a vid of me speaking that or let me know who in the hell said that?

    if you get two buddies like those who were hell bent on getting Tsu fired as mod, well, I like how you never looked twice at it, How professional.

  7. Also I was banned from shout box way earlier last night, so There is no way i could have gone to shout box,. after that. and I had no attitude on the other servers, at all, I mentioned what had happen to someone but then was still on for HOURS after that, never brought it up, finally got off, and afk all night, then today notice I lost connection, and tried to re join, banned That is completely unfair, and not even close to a way to get someone to renew their VIP.
  8. Dont you also say to make a report on ther forums if someone says something about a player harassing, or making comments etc etc. yet where is this one? Just as I was right about these event s here as confirmed by snappy turtle, I am right about this: I NEVER said anything like that AT ALL.
  9. DocFox

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    My apologies, you threatened to hack and RDM another player as reported by @Bob Dolan in our staff discussion about your behavior. You were banned from shoutbox for your third offense of using it to harass players, including staff, and create a negative and hostile environment. It just so happened that you were shortly banned, in game, for your intentional RDM. Just to inform you, that even if you are done wrong, deciding to break rules to get your point across will not get your point across. Your ban across all servers was a collective decision between moderators and admins.

    You have been warned multiple times for your behavior and that is should change and this was the final thing that pushed us to come to such a decision. You harassed the staff in game, and came on the forums to harass them using the shout box.

    Again, the reason you were banned from every server was for your continuous harassment and RDM; not just one offense of each thing.

    I want to point out that a VIP or VIP+ status does not mean we aren't going to give you any special treatment. Our duty here at STTT is to uphold the standards of the community and, by doing so, provide a fun and enjoyable environment for everyone; regardless of donating or not. I would much rather lose one VIP+ that likes to flaunt that he donated and threaten to leave than lose a substantial amount of players due to the toxic environment that that VIP+ member was creating on our server and forums. We believe that your behavior in game has been a negative impact on this community and your ban was justified. You have been warned multiple times for your attitude and how you go about things.

    Regardless of if the RDM ban was correct, or not, the way that you handled the situation was completely unnecessary and that is what led to the decision of banning you globally. That ban will not be lifted. If we discover that the other RDM, including your T buddies, was due to C4 or if @sNAppy-TurTle can clarify that you did warn before you threw the grenade, then it will be voided on your record, but your continued harassment ban will not.
  10. Oh wel isn;t that sooo conveinent now, also I never said anything about Ddosing, or plainning on hacking, at ALL, and actually there was only two accidental cases of RDM (one nade) on the other server,. I took my slays./ stayed another round and left. Because I did not want to play with Guilty-Cown, which I am right to do so.

    Also it was a while later. and ther had not been an issue up to that point. but regardless, saying that the ban is now for harassment show you are just so freaking wrong in how you handle things
  11. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    I'm not the person that intentionally RDM'd someone and harassed staff members both in game and in shout box. Obviously the one that the person that needs to learn how to handle things is the person that is banned.

    I will let snappy and bob dolan provide their input on the situation, but until then, this topic is locked as your appeal is now denied.
  12. sNAppy-TurTle

    sNAppy-TurTle VIP Silver

    As far as the rdm for the t buddies, I now believe that he did not kill with a nade. because i watch nade explode in the freezer (left side). Rice was in the right side. Also I would have been damaged by the nade, or rice or field. no one else could of gotten hurt from it. I think that it was c4.
    How he handled it was another story. Had he simply reported for the slay, this could have been an easy process. But the reason I gagged at first was NOT harassment. It was because he was spamming the mic to argue his case. I decided it was taking away from other players games and gaged him and asked him to stop. This made him even more furious. WHICH led to him HARASSING guilty and I.
    Field, I understand what you are going through. But how you handled all of this was a bit immature. BUT you can still make things right. I'd suggest that you apologize about HOW you acted. We already know why you acted that way. I forgive you bud, and hope that you can do the same.

    Also, I cannot confirm or deny a verbal warning, but I can confirm no text warning.
    Thanks, sNAppy-TurTle
  13. Highwon

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    I'm going to approve the appeal and remove the bans from your record.
  14. Krys

    Krys Gives Explosive Hugs VIP

    I'm glad this topic got resolved.

    I am only posting this for players and staff to take note about jumping to conclusions:

    Evidence Piece 1. As quoted by his own T buddy. sweeper ev.png

    Evidence Piece 2. As provided by Guilty-Crown.

    Snappy does confirm that he waited for Field's nade to explode first. If you look at the time stamps in the log screenshot, you'll see that the ''nade in question'' exploded (2:38) and killed 2 Ts at the exact time that Snappy jihaded a fellow T (2:38). It is a small detail that is easily missed at first, especially considering the line: (2:35) Field threw a Frag.

    Now I wasn't there of course, but the time stamps just don't match up with the nade being the culprit for the 2 T deaths, in regards to the story. Just my thoughts.
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