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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Field_Sweeper, Apr 5, 2014.

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    1) Never been banned before, sure sometimes I tend to argue, but most o the time I was a) right b) told different by another mod/admin

    Never have I argued without being proved, or what I felt was wrongly accused/punished. after all Silence in the face of accusation.. Is admission.

    Today Eastern time on WEST server at approx 1am ish. on Terror train. I was a T, I placed a Death station down, and only used on frag, giving voice in chat and snappy turtle, was also a T, supposedly he did not hear it, I threw it into the freezer where the last Inno was (I eat Rice) and had a hit marker however Rice obv didn't die, then snappy (with out warning goes in, jihads kiling me) although at the time, I am not sure if the hit marker was snappy or not, I was slayed for two rounds for supposedly damaging two T's

    I do not know if there was a T in there with I eat rice, however all the radar said he was only one in freezer and the only 2 just outside were me an Snappy, so I could not have killed or even damaged any other T.

    The ONLY other way that other guy was damaged or killed was a Death station, which you CANNOT be held liable for.

    also When giving a warning for a nade, if someone still choose to run near it after thrown (ie in front of the door to freezer) then that is also not at fault, of course, I will try to find in chat if I can find it, however I was not recording so I have no video.

    Looking at the times, I wish that buying a nade would also show, but you can see when I bought the death station ( I placed it shortly after wards) not sure if anyone used it right away.

    I was told I did 89 damage to someone else other than snappy with an explosion which since I never used any other nade, could only mean Death station.

    Means first "RDM" was not RDM"

    Then was also slayed for damaging snappy when I clearly said in voice chat like I alwas do, but depending on whats going on I may not also use my key bind, since I have no proof since It wasn't in chat. I would say fine Ill take that slay.

    I was slain for 2 rounds, the first slay which shouldn't have happened was my T round.

    second wasn't. before being slain the 2nd time, I was gagged because I was till trying to explain what happened and that he need to look into the logs more instead of worrying about slaying. keep in mind this was Guilty Crown who slayed me But snappy muted me for saying all this, which REALLY made me mad since I was about to be slayed for 2 damn rounds and cant even explain it, or get input from other T's etc.

    needless to say I was told If I don't stop i would be kicked for harassment by snappy turtle. BUT then while trying to explain the third round after Kill marshal kept interrupting trolling, and SHHHHH'ing. which really irked me since it was not needed, the mods never stopped him, so I as the Detective (for no other reason that RDM and to shut him up) killed him, regardless he was a T although that has no bearing.

    I was however slayed, then banned for 24 hours When that killa-marshal at BEST would have been offense number 2.

    I also asked and asked for a copy of the log, and some screen shots but I guess they would rather gag you and play the game than do their job.

    Being as that is mostly the report of what happend, I do not think I should have been banned, Should I also place this in the report section on them? also Neither of them filed a report on me anyhow, I never had a actual chance to explain anything, before being just told I damaged two t buddies and then slayed for 2 rounds and gagged, then just not listened to. since they didn't even report it I think they both knew they should t have since I either gave warning or was not at fault (like death station)
    Evidence of Innocence:
    Of course sine it was round 1 / two since I joined I was not recording, I am beginning to think so Freaking coincidentally that all the crap happens when no one freaking can get any evidence.

    Will go thru and see what I can find. I am sure the logs will now be posted since there is now a report on them

    This will also Server as a report for Snappy-Turtle, and primarily, Guilty-Crown.

    However will file an official report with essentially the same info above​
  2. ZeRo

    ZeRo :sneaky: Banned VIP Silver

    Alright, you were banned for your mass RDM problem. Next, you were slain because you killed two of your t buddies with a frag grenade and NOT A DEATH STATION as I've told you multiple times. Here's all the evidence (including the accursed logs that you're asking for quite some time)

    Here are all the evidence of Field's abuse. Hopefully put into chronological order for chat. sweeper ev.png <-- one of the logs for the first person sweeper ev 2.png <-- second log (both logs, he refuses to acknowledge that he killed with a frag without warning. Snappy can support me on this)

    The rest are all chats of some of the words he's been saying to the players. sweeper ev 3.png <-- I show from the logs why he's getting slain for first and second link of the chat sweeper ev 4.png <-- " " " " " " " " sweeper ev 5.png sweeper ev 6.png <-- Gags from Snappy for verbal abuse sweeper ev 7.png <-- same gag sweeper ev 8.png sweeper ev 9.png
  3. AN also I never even said anything in shout box but why the hell am I banned that as well, I have never seen anything like that, not needed either, also We even have a ghoster whos banned for like months and they can even still use shout box.
  4. the problem is the ONLY time i used a nade was to throw int the freezer with I eat rice, snappy also went in to jihad after mine failed to kill rice, snappy killed me with the jihad I also gave a warning hecse why snappy didnt just run in prior to that?? HMMM kind of make it obv I DID give a warning, I only threw one nade. I do not rememebr throwing another. the only explosion there could have been was the death station or the ONE frag, ask aI eat rice he was the last inno in the freezer alone, how in hell could one frag hit them.
  5. ZeRo

    ZeRo :sneaky: Banned VIP Silver

    @MangoTango can explain your ban off the shoutbox.
  6. ZeRo

    ZeRo :sneaky: Banned VIP Silver

    The frag has a huge blast radius if you haven't realized with your constant use of them in your playstyle. That's probably why you didn't realize that you rdmed 2 buddies.
  7. Ian even confirmed in the freaking chat I gave a warning
  8. LOL, really>? it dont go thru walls, and you can see the logs show I only threw one nade, snappy was right next to em ,bt when I said wait im gonna throw a frag into the freezer where the alst radar sig on the last inno was (only me and him were there the other people were somewhere else, snappY? care to answer" of course if they were already in the freezer wtf were they waiting on to kill the last inno when 4 t's would have been around, however I eat rice (ask him) was the only one in the freezer. I am telling you I only threw one nade that entire round. the only other thing I had was a death station.

    I warned which is why snappy didnt already run in and jihad till after my nade went off, also not ONE of the people placed a report on me either.
  9. were is he at now>? I havent even looked at the shout box in a while nore was I evening saying abnything bad in it in a while. OH wait yeah I did, after all this crap I said thats fucking BS, etc I never harrased anyone, cursed at anyone and cusing is not a rule. period. if I wanna cus I can,. however I was also not even told to stop, or anything in fact only noticed it on refresh
  10. ZeRo

    ZeRo :sneaky: Banned VIP Silver

    You kept on saying you didn't kill with a frag. You kept on saying that your death station probably killed them. Even after I've told you multiple times. And then you proceed to swear at others including Snappy and me.
  11. Also cursing is not harrasing, did I say Fuck you , no I said Do your fucking job, for fuck sake, not harrasing AT ALL.
  12. ZeRo

    ZeRo :sneaky: Banned VIP Silver

    Never harassed or cursed at anyone?

    Check the image --> sweeper ev 9.png

    If that's not cursing at someone, then what is it?
  13. DO NOT FREAKING LIE< I never cused at anyone, cusing in a sentance is completely different than cussing AT someone or causing harassment.

    PERIOD< there is only one definiton of that, buit I dodnt even care about that,.

    I am talking about the fact I only did throw one nade, how come none of them reported me? I only see a slay 2 nr no chance to explain or get info, HUH???? show the rport log then I wanna see that screen shot of their report.

    again show the whole log, ONE NADE where is the one i dmages snappy with, I got a hit markr I thought iwas snappy since he happend to walk in front of the door where I EAT RICE was standing, but didnt die from, it Please ask rice or snappy if they were in that room, again I mentiond it IE A WARNING, woudl completely make all iof this WRONG>\

    that uis also why snappy turtle didnt go in there even tho he was about to jihad I said WAIT IM GONNA THROW A NADE IN THERE< and thats tho ONLY nade i threw,.
  14. Yeah THAT is but not a mod, and that was one, time, never warned either. also FUCK YOU would be cusing AT someone, your a fuicking idiot is cusing WHILE insulting someone / harassing is repeated, at best that was one time, actually litereally one time
  15. ZeRo

    ZeRo :sneaky: Banned VIP Silver

  16. Snak

    Snak Banned

    Should just chill out and not take it any further, from viewing all the screenies I'd say the ban was fair and you don't want to be banned from the forums do you?
  17. the first one was after the fact, the second one is not harrasing, or curssing at anyone, its cussing in general. but I didnt say fuck you. i siad do your fucking job, etc. but nNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEE of that would have happend if the proper procedure was followe, I am sure none of them reported me because they new I hadnt done wrong, IE warned. etc etc.
  18. RhazhBash

    RhazhBash Professional Button Presser VIP

    Field, you are banned from one out of our 5 servers for one day. At this point you are just making it worse for yourself by arguing. If you didn't constantly disrespect the staff then they might be more understanding and maybe consider unbanning you. If you ask me one day local is being very generous.
  19. No it wasnt. period I want the opinion here of the dman people involved. period. thats I eat rice, and Snappy. and the other 2 because honeslty any longer and no one will know what the hell ewent on.
  20. I am not asking to be unbanned for the sake of my mistake, I am saying that i SHOULD NOT have been banned in the first place becuase the first 2 slays were WRONG>

    IF i had been banned for just running around rdming fine, I also admit to killing Killamarshal in RDM. but only after he was annoying the shit out of people You know damn well that others have done that, hell to me sometimes cus I was speaking my mind.
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