Farewell SMC.

Discussion in 'Archived Minecraft Discussion' started by Squidd, Jan 27, 2017.

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  1. Squidd

    Squidd VIP

    I tried guys.

    I tried to be positive and have fun but it just wasn't going to happen. Everytime I log in I just feel lost, like I got no purpose or goal. I saw the End was open so I got all stoked to go in there, but it's already cluttered with shitty 1x1 towers. I attempt to build up to the portal that leads to the Outer Isles, and as I bridging it said "you can't build here" even though right beside it was other towers. I know this is hard to explain, but it was most likely a claim by the devs in the End for whatever reason. Point being; I fell to my death in the void and lost all my best shit as I was going to travel for an End City. One of the only goals in the game. Now, I'm not upset that I died. If I made some error, and died due to my own mistake, then fine, I'd move past that. But I died due to a bullshit claiming issue. The area had other blocks in it, so why couldn't I place my own? Irri told me nobody could make claims in the End, so was this a Dev's claim?

    Really, that was the final straw for me. It's not just this death that is making me quit. We all know my opinion on the server so far, and it is a combination of all these things. I'm just not enjoying myself, and I'm forcing myself to login and try to have fun because I was SO looking forward to this. I feel like the Devs simply "jumped the shark" (If you get that reference). All we wanted was a fairly simple Minecraft server.

    All in all, I had fun for the first few hours, when we were still starting out, but the server lacks end goals.
    If things change, like a reset or major plugins, then I might try to comeback, but as things are now, I won't be returning.

    Thanks again, and I hope you all can enjoy yourselves more than I did.
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  2. john redcorn

    john redcorn strangers like me VIP Emerald

    I think the problem is your definition on 'end-game'. Minecraft was originally marketed as a game without predetermined 'end goals', allowing for players to get creative and set their own. Sure, the game itself did shoehorn some in with The End and enchanting, but ultimately it is still up to you decide your goals.

    See you around man.
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  3. Squidd

    Squidd VIP

    Thats what I mean. What I find fun in Minecraft is not here on SMC, so I've taken my leave. That's all there is to it.
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  4. Graze

    Graze Zzz... VIP Silver

    I'm honestly not going to lie. I died that for that exact same reason 5-6 times trying to make the ender pearl throw + dying over block claim issues. It's a really lame situation, and I lost some good stuff over it as well.
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  5. Paradox

    Paradox The One Eyed Ghoul Banned Elite

    Fine i'll fix my sentence lol.

    Look on the bright side, it gives you more things to do and work towards.
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  6. Squidd

    Squidd VIP

    Yeah, it's not a very good situation in there right now. I'm fine with dying to my own mistakes, but things like that just really set me off.
  7. Squidd

    Squidd VIP

    I'm going to try and translate whatever language you're trying to speak here and assume you meant," Gives you a reason to go and replace all the stuff you lost." While you could look at it that way, it's only a bitter feeling losing your best stuff due to a Server/Dev error and now your own.
  8. Paradox

    Paradox The One Eyed Ghoul Banned Elite

    I had Just woke up, and was at the part where you could barley keep your eyes open sorry.
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  9. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    The Struggle
    It's hard to play minecraft on multiplayer servers. On one hand I want players to see how much cool stuff I can build, like a gigantic monolift in the sky, but on the other hand it gets hard when you have people messing with you, or the server doesn't allow these sorts of things. I want to tear my hair out because minecraft at that point is no longer about freedom of play style, it's about one play style and one play style only. The whole "get really good stuff to be better than everyone else on the server, dominate those people and then retire to your gold bricked house with nothing but an empty feeling in your heart. I made it, but that's the sad part: I... Made... It. The whole fun of minecraft is the parts where you are working to accomplish something, well once you have already done that you are hit with these two options: Quit, or do it again, and it's only after you do it again a couple more times does the game get boring.

    The Solution
    Squid, Don't quit minecraft just yet. What I want you to do is set out to build this gigantic tower for me, so big that when people see it they say "damn that's a big tower". I want you to make it out of iron blocks, give it a staircase made of wood and fill it with doors and chests and stuff so it looks nice. Make that your goal, start off by mining a ton of iron, smelt it all down and start to build the foundations. I would go with a 20 x 20 base and build on it from there. You will need about 180 iron ingots to lay each foundation, which is bout two stacks of iron ingots. I would make the tower about 100 blocks tall, so the final dimensions are 20 x 20 x 100, it should take you about 281 iron ingot stacks to complete the entire tower.

    The Conclusion
    Minecraft is about setting goals like that, to build something great, or to occupy yourself with massive farming systems. Your problem is that you are ignoring a huge portion of what minecraft is really about, and focusing only on the goals that others are trying to achieve. Set yourself apart from others and make your own goals.
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  10. OK boys

    OK boys VIP

    Well I meant to hit like and hit dislike I'm sorry just woke up Edit: I just forgot I can undo that
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  11. Squidd

    Squidd VIP

    While I agree with most of this, the issue with making some big mega build project like that is the server is too sparsely populated for it to be appreciated. I know it sounds a bit self centered to say," I don't want to build something if nobody will appreciate it." because I know that really it should be me who appreciates it, but I wouldn't. I see right through those sort of goals.
    They're not hard goals, that's just grinding.

    I'm the type who like an extremely hard, but fair challenge. Think Dark Souls, Binding of Isaac, Spelunky, etc. OR more Minecraft related, like Vech's CTM maps. All I hoped to do in the server was kill the bosses, show off my loot, and then probably fade out unless the server was lit af. But the boss loot can just be bought, which just feels bad, and already the servers retention rate has bottomed out, so there's not a lot of players on, and those who are on tend to be one who don't want to play with others/don't trust others. Not to be a Doomsayer of any sense, but I don't see the server lasting long.

    I'll still be active on the forums with suggestions and things alike, as I'd really love a good reason to come back and play.
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  12. Peter Whammm

    Peter Whammm Banned VIP

    I hope you can come back Squid ◔ ͜ʖ ◔ I loved you as a person. Like a friend.
  13. Amatsu

    Amatsu Emerald

    Unfortunate, but understandable. I'm hoping in the coming days, there will be some official word on stuff. We were told 'soon' then never got the announcement...as a note, I still like your tower, and intend to build a railway that direction if I can get enough claim blocks to do so. 700x5 (distance times minimum claim width) is a large number, even for a no lifer like myself, since I don't mind guests and it might lead people to both our bases.
  14. Valedict

    Valedict VIP

    I was also traversing the end, and threw an ender pearl near the edge of an island. Mind you, not the very edge, but about 10 blocks in, and I was promptly pushed off with no reason.
    I'm not sure if this is due to lag on my part, or shitty inputting (which I don't do when I throw a pearl) but regardless it really turned me off as I had some of my best gear at the time and now it is all gone.
    This really turned me off to Minecraft as a whole and now I believe my only reason to play on the server, is to make speed 2 potions while in blue leather armor and run around like a certain video game character.
    Anyway, in the current state of things I wouldn't mind having a server reset, but with the added possibility of maybe transferring claims, while removing things like chests, furnaces, enchanting table and specific blocks to not have an advantage in the new world.

    Regardless, I hope you had fun while it lasted Squidd, and maybe we can talk another time...
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  15. Squidd

    Squidd VIP

    Honestly, I'm desperately trying to come up with something to do. I'd love to build a big railway to connect players, but there's just a good chance it'll get griefed and players will kill each other using/building it. Or building a big city for players to call home, but again, it's hard to pull these things off as were not necessarily a "Community-Friendly" server, but not exactly a "Factions/Raiding" server either. I think if we were one or the other it'd be easy to come up with a goal or project.
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  16. Panda With a Gun

    Panda With a Gun CHINA NUMBA ONE Administrator VIP Emerald

    You and others can claim it as you build /trusting each other.
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  17. Amatsu

    Amatsu Emerald

    That is my plan at least. Also planning a nether railway to explore the far edges of the map, since that's bound to be a good place to set up shop too.
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