Factions is Up, Here are some Facts.

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  1. IAmRelapse

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    • Your balance from the Survival World is retained in the Factions World.
    • Your items in survival is not available in factions.
    • Igloos and Polar Bears are fun.
    • Currently, there are like 4-5 factions up. 2 Of which are established and 2 are just there for fun.
    • Mcmmo Stats and Jobs Stats is retained in factions. But they're not active.
    • Mcmmo is disabled in Factions.
    • Claiming is disabled in Factions. Use your Faction Power to do the claiming.
    • You can still do /rewards or /vote while inside the Factions world and get the keys.
    • You cannot use the keys you have in Factions because doing /warp market uses your survival inventory.
    • Some guy dug a hole outside of the exit of spawn.
    • Igloos and Polar Bears are still Fun.
    • If you bought the SilkSpawners Perk(10k) and the /ec perk(10k) from Survival World, it is also available in the Factions World. This maybe an intended feature but probably not.

    *If i forgot anything, feel free to just add below.*
  2. neutral

    neutral Banned VIP

    To address some of these:

    But there is currently nothing for purchase in the factions world. I'm not sure if there is a work around this-or if it even matters at the point.

    The strong should fear the stronger. #voxel

    Yes! This is true. So be careful- if you get your keys in the factions world, they'll need to be transferred to the survival world when a dev has time. It's better to do voting and /reward when you're in the survival world at this time.

    We have thrown around the idea of adding voting and reward chests to the factions world. If we do this, what do you guys think we should add to them?

    /ec will eventually be removed from the factions world eventually. There's too many concerns that don't have any real solutions to it.

    We're aware of the SilSpawners perk and plan to address this as well. This might not be a complete removal though.

    They're on the same server, but different worlds. So plugins are going to interact with each other. While we're in the "beta" phase we hope to iron out what works, and what doesn't.

    Thanks for this! This is exactly the kind of input we need to make the beta phase successful.
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  3. Carned

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    Can I create a faction dedicated to selling goods or will you meanies just raid me hmmm
  4. Zikeji

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    You can check your survival world balance in factions, just like you can while you're in the creative world. You could, theoretically, pay someone for something in factions using your survival balance. But, there isn't anything to directly spend your money on, and unless you want the cash for your survival world, I doubt players will be willing to sell you stuff in factions for currency from survival.

    Keep those goods in your inventory? :p

    That's a thought though, this is factions - a larger, well established faction, could sell protection to smaller factions.
  5. neutral

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    People already have been trading goods at the factions spawn. This is a non-pvp area. I'd recommend putting your stock somewhere where no one else could access it/hidden/protected. There's a lot of meanies around.
  6. IAmRelapse

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    Join the Neutrals, lets just create outposts everywhere where people can sell/buy goods
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