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    Some of you may or may not have noticed, but I've changed my forum/STEAM avatar. However, this isn't the first time I've revised the way my OC has looked. I've had him for almost six years now and during that time he's gone through multiple renditions. First time I drew him was in MS Paint towards the end of 2010 for an old CS 1.6 community.


    After I left and upgraded my graphics card to handle SOURCE games, I changed my name to Doomblade94 and with it my avatar.


    I added in a red suit and reduced the number of red side scars from three to two. Also made some slight revision to the hair style. Something, however, always felt wrong about that second incarnation. Now that I look back on it, I think the eyes were set a little too far to the right. In 2013, I made yet another revision.



    This time the OC is facing to the right instead of the left, and now shows the top portion of his arms. I also fixed the eyes so they were closer to the front of the head. I tried experimenting with different hair colors, but decided the original gray was the best. Well, It's been over three years since I made that last version, and decided it was time for a newer one (one that wasn't made in MS Paint). This one I made just last Tuesday night.


    Adobe Illustrator really helped out with the hair style; I really like how that turned out. Skin is now a light gray, and he comes complete with a full body now. My current STEAM and Forum avatars are the head-shot of this new OC.
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    Those MS paint skills in the first version.
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    In my first gen avatar, my mangoes were naked. Over the course of my time here, she has had different color dresses, for mod/donor status, he has had a Santa hat, and my name has changed its look.
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    this is an epic thread that needs to be remembered
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