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  1. Sweer

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    Not only to I think that double points, (which can easily be implemented as a setting from Highwon) would be beneficial to the servers for the community as a whole since it would encourage afking on the servers which would get the player base up, and players newer players would have a more enjoyable experience getting upgrades faster. The playerbase has slowly been rising earlier on in the day and just in general with afking factoring in because nobody likes joining an empty server and with this implement, players would overall benefit from this change. I'm fairly sure that this has been recommended before but the circumstances now are different and it would only make sense for this.

    Reason 1: I find myself afking on the servers often because of the fact that earlier on during the days, players don't usually don't try and populate a server that only has 2/32 people on cause they see it as futile. With double points when set to spectator, and only spectator, it would encourage more traffic on the servers for those want to just farm for points and boost server numbers.

    Reason 2: From what i believe,this would be fairly easy to implement.

    Reason 3: Players will be encouraged to afk during all times during the day if they please not only benefiting themselves gaining more points, but populating the servers even when afk moved, they still will be gaining their points while helping out the servers. Many players find it hard to purchase the things they want from the point shop because the amount of points for everything is just daunting but with double points when afking, people would take the opportunity to afk instead of not. This would even make the lottery more enticing to some due to having a larger pot.

    Added note: From the roleback, players had invested their hard earned points on new upgrades that were massively overpriced only to get scammed and their points lost. Everybody likes points. Whether new or old players, double points would benefit the community, (even if so just a little) but there shouldn't be some sort of emphatic NO kind of reason why it shouldn't be considered.

    *Edit*: It is true that I had made this post about double points for spectators in order for people to want to afk more for points but it is true that double points for both spectators and active players would be the better approach still withholding the reasons as to why it would be beneficial for the servers and individual players. Double points on all servers for both spectators and active players would entice people to play/afk more thus attracting more players.

    @Teroxa @Highwon
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  2. Ketsu

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    Id rather not but i dont activly play
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  3. Teroxa

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    Wouldn't it make sense to double the points for active players instead?
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  4. tz-

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    you just want more points

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  5. Sticky Bandit

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    This would be a quick way to crash the economy. You can make a crap ton of points already by idling at all times you aren't playing. I was idling deathrun the other day for around 5 hours and made somewhere around 5k points if I recall correctly. I don't really think it's fair to the people who actively play the server to make less than a spectator, either. Perhaps a system could be implemented during slow times, like a happy hour of sorts, where active players (NOT AFK SPECTATORS) could earn some extra points for playing during slow times.
    My $0.02.
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  6. Humancowcakes ❀

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    what economy, this isn't moat where economy is used in trading
    what are u on
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  7. Sweer

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    Either way if it's for both active players or spectators, the point was to entice people to come onto the servers with the allure of double points. I had made this post only addressing spectators because generally, afks do generate server population so people would want to afk when nobody is on and once the servers were populated, would be able to play. But it is correct too how double points for both spectator and active players is still beneficial to overall with the previous points still applying, I do agree that points should be doubled in all servers.
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  8. Smor

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    Points per minute should be doubled in general imo.
    That's impossible. You get 10 points every 2 minutes.

    At the current rate, you have to play thousands of hours to get all the upgrades, even if you are VIP.
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  9. 8BitF0x

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    Once someone finds a TTT server with 19 players and decides to join, they'll see that 12 of them are just AFKs.
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  10. Agent A

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    There isn't much of an economy in SGM. All you can really do is buy stuff from pointshop (including t and d rounds and upgrades), send it to other people, or put it in the lottery.
    Once you reach the end game (which I have), your options is limited to t/d rounds, sending it to other people, or put in the lottery.
    At that level, points are worthless.
    This isn't much of an economy where we can trade things for points. This is barely an economy where you don't even have to worry about shit like inflation/deflation/etc.

    Anyways, as for the overall topic, I'll have to +1 Teroxa's suggestion that active players get double points.
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  11. Temar

    Temar VIP

    +1 for Teroxa idea, double points for active, or just 1/2 it for spectators
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  12. Falcor

    Falcor ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ MVP Silver

    I think the point was gaining a player count. Halving it for spectators would be kinda foolish. Since you need players to get players..

    I've always supported any and all incentives to get more people to play or afk. Especially putting in mind the point the server is at, at the moment.
    Even just a double point weeks would be good, as long as youre not punishing people for being in spec, that would be just silly.
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  13. Hongo

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    How about, for every 1 kill, you get +10 points? That'd be cool, you could EARN points instead of just making them arbitrarily on a timer.
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  14. Floof

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    Every kill to the opposite team to not encourage RDM.