Finished [DONE] 80K Points Giveaway

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by ZeRo, Aug 21, 2016.



    I want to get triple harpoon
  2. I want to use half the points to donate to other players throughout the community and i want to upgrade some of my ups
  3. Give me some so you don't feel GUILTY
  4. Knockdown

    Knockdown The reason you can't sleep VIP

    Upgrade all the little things
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  6. Igneus

    Igneus VIP Silver

    t rounds and jihad sounds
  7. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious Regular Member

    ill max my Radar ... then go for tripwire update 2 .. and then for dna wiper and fast crowbar
    insta knife isnt 2 bad aswell
  8. need insta knife and triple poon. yis pls
  9. ⚔️ ⚔️ screwdriver Banned VIP Silver

    T rounds, and insta knife
  10. I would buy the insta knife and T rounds
  11. Yeezus

    Yeezus Goderator VIP

    Dear Santa, I would like Instaknife and Triple Harpoon for Christmas. Thank you for the giveaway :)
  12. Serpentine

    Serpentine snek VIP

    deathstation heal
  13. Elvis

    Elvis TheRockStars VIP Silver

    Id use the points to fuel my gambling problem.
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  14. Cloud -z-

    Cloud -z- VIP


    lol jk

    I dunno probably all the ttt upgrades I can afford :D
  15. Santa Claus

    Santa Claus Best Member VIP Bronze

    I would like to buy silent knife and maybe max DNA removal or something.
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  16. I would use them for upgrades, and also help people who would like some! :D
  17. Graze

    Graze Zzz... VIP Silver

    I'd make an even cooler giveaway for 80k ttt points.
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  18. Ruby

    Ruby Turn your wounds into wisdom VIP Silver Emerald

    I wanna finish buying everything
  19. ink

    ink Genuine Happiness VIP Silver

    Use them to pay other people's traitor rounds