Donator Begging Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by RhazhBash, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. FoxPac™

    FoxPac™ Banned

    Donator plz? Whoever gets me a rank, will get invited to my clubhouse in the North Pole and get to drink Hot Chocolate while opening presents with Santa Claus there with all of us. :)

    Also, if I do get a rank, please get me one for TTT :) Thanks :)
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  2. Could someone gift me Bronze on Deathrun? I'd appreciate it. <3 @Newt
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  3. Chewie

    Chewie deadrun mod VIP Bronze

    vip+ for me pls.. senpai, pls?
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  4. IcE.Cream

    IcE.Cream VIP Bronze

    Hey guys, IcE.CreAm here. And I was wondering if anyone here is feeling generous. I have over 90 hours played on he Serious Deathrun server and I was wondering if anyone could buy me bronze. Remember, all the money goes to the server and helps keep the servers running. Any kind souls out there? Look here please!

    Edit 2: Thanks to @DrkSephy for gifting me bronze! You are an amazing person!
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  5. Sir Ceil

    Sir Ceil Member

    All I want for christmas is free perks.
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  6. Flexxy

    Flexxy New Member

    I would really appreciate having a donator rank because I love this server very much and the normal models and trails are very boring and I would love to donate money to this server to help it out but my parents don't believe donating in a server will help it and I have tried many times to let the donate my money to the server but instead I get yelled at, so if anyone has the heart I would love a donator rank <3
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  7. Awww... I wish someone nice very very nice could give me a Donator Perk for Christmas :(
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  8. Oxydeous

    Oxydeous VIP

    I'd actually really like VIP, next time I get a 20 card I could just trade the games for VIP. I'll get a middleman if needed, but nobody seemed interested last time so I'm giving it another shot.
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  9. BlueGalaxy

    BlueGalaxy VIP Emerald

    What do you mean by middleman? like have someone hold the games?
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  10. Mason

    Mason Banned VIP Silver

    The middleman should usually be someone that has no affiliations with either person, then they both give what they're trading to the middleman so in this example:

    Oxydeus gives the middleman the games

    Then for the whole holding VIP part I actually have no idea what you'd do there.

    Then the middleman would give both parties what they traded so there would be no "you go first, no you" situation and you wouldn't have to risk not getting what you were trading for.
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  11. BlueGalaxy

    BlueGalaxy VIP Emerald

    Okay thanks
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  12. pup

    pup Princess Pup

    i'm desperate
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  13. Alpha Wolfy

    Alpha Wolfy Nocturnal VIP

    I wouldn't mind Legendary. :sneakylove:

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  14. Sinz

    Sinz crumble VIP Silver

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  15. CorallocinB

    CorallocinB Animeme lord VIP Silver Emerald

    S a m e.
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  16. Doodle Bop

    Doodle Bop Things always look impossible until they're done. VIP

    Does this thread actually work? If so VIP+ would be good. Thanks to whoever donates to me. I really appreciate it and if you don't well thanks for taking the time to read this.
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  17. Zypther

    Zypther #SuitUp VIP Bronze Iron

    Dude vip+ would be godly rn, and whoever donates it for me is godly too!
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  18. Red

    Red Harbinger of Arceus VIP

    Hey guys. Today is my birthday, December 12. My Elite expires on Dec 18. The Christmas event starts on the 24th. I am sad :C
    Please help
    Today is my birthday
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  19. Harry Potter

    Harry Potter The Boy Who Lived VIP Emerald Bronze

    The christmas event starts on dec 24th and i don't have vip + please help
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  20. I need that VIP+ for gold deagle please help!
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