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    The following are the SGM Community Discord rules. By being a member of SGM Discord or using the server you agree to follow them.

    Failure to comply can result in removing your access to the server, community bans, and other actions.

    Negligence to read or understand the rules will not get you out of punishment.

    Discord Rules

    0. Don't be an ass - we're here to enjoy our time and connect with others. Don't ruin everyone's experience.

    1. Be respectful to other users at all times. Do not harass, bully, insult, or otherwise offend other members. Don't use slurs.

    2. Please use only English in the public channels. Our community is composed mainly of English speakers, and we expect our users to respect that. You may use any language you wish in your private channels.

    3. Do not spam, flood, raid or otherwise disrupt the server's channels. Do not spam or abuse @MrSerious's commands.

    4. No porn, gore, disgusting/disturbing or NSFW content
    at all, even in private channels. We do not allow this content anywhere in our community.

    5. Stay on topic: keep discussions to their appropriate channels.

    6. Using bots, self-bots or auto-responders of any kind is not allowed. For exceptions, please contact the staff.

    7. Do not use offensive or instigating names for your user-created channels or as your nickname.

    8. Do not advertise other communities, game servers or similar things.

    9. Do not post anything illegal, i.e. pirated content/warez.

    10. No doxxing: do not post or distribute private information about other users without their consent. This includes names, pictures, addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc.

    11. Do not post images, gifs, emojis or other content that is overly bright/flashing ("seizure inducing"), or is unproportionally big in its dimensions.

    12. When connected to a voice channel, please make sure your microphone is not disturbing others. It is recommended to use Push-to-Talk.

    13. You may only have one account in our Discord. Using an alt to evade punishment is met harshly.

    14. Do not spam the chat with staff requests. Instead, use the appropriate command (@MrSerious staff).

    15. All of Discord's Terms of Service apply to our server.
    You must comply with instructions or warnings given by our staff members.
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