Disable C4 on Clue

Discussion in 'Maps' started by Penny, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Penny

    Penny VIP

    It's already an insanely small map, even without having to deal with 36 players in it. c4 can reach across nearly half the map from any given point and it's just ridiculous.
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  2. Alpha Wolfy

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    -1. i know the impact of c4s on this map but taking the c4s away from it will take all the fun out of Clue.
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  3. tz-

    tz- feelin it VIP Emerald

    You can't disable something for one specific map. Want to disable the C4(?), then we would have to get rid of it all together.
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  4. PwnerOfThePeanut

    PwnerOfThePeanut Serious Member

    [​IMG] this is just stupid, How do you suppose they disable c4 on a map? also, i dont know if you knew this, but you can disarm the c4 to prevent it from detonating. The Blast radius is around 600 m, so if you are 700m away, you are fine. There is no need for this.
    Edit: b sun sora, i tested it, and i survived at 600m, but barely, 700 just shakes your screen a bit
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