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  1. Project_Chaos

    Project_Chaos Silver

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  2. Tinbuster00

    Tinbuster00 See you on the forums! VIP Silver Emerald

    We had this map a few months ago and it had some problems, like spawning in a wall at the start. IIRC, it wasn't liked by most of the players so it got removed.
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  3. ArcticFox29

    ArcticFox29 Creator of lag. Silver

    I miss it :cry: the traps were fun! ... When the platforms didn't glitch out and leave a sizeable pit waiting for your impending doom. ;)
  4. Fregley

    Fregley ThErE aRe StOrIeS wAiTiNg To Be MaDe VIP Silver

    I loved playing on this map but it was really glitchy at times :p
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  5. ArcticFox29

    ArcticFox29 Creator of lag. Silver

    I'm curious. If the issues were to be fixed, would this be a viable map again? I mean, I'm not really a fan of readding a map, but this was my first DR map, and my favorite, so I'm kind of liking the idea. @PixeL is working on a fix for fun, to see if it'll work out, but...

    Is that something that would interest current players?

    A lot of our players have gone and have been replaced with new ones since it was removed in the beginning of January. Has people's tastes changed? Do newcomers think this would be a good map to have?

    I remember the origins of people's reservations towards it was due to the dreaded spawning in the credits glitch, which is honestly the easiest thing to address, and also the fact that it was one of the most played maps next to Atomic and Helix. Hm.
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  6. ⚔️ ⚔️ screwdriver Banned VIP Silver

    Ive never tried this map but I will test it myself tomorrow on my own :) cant +1 or -1 without testing it, so will respond tomorrow!

    After seeing Lady's video, I have decided to give this map a delicious +1
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  7. ArcticFox29

    ArcticFox29 Creator of lag. Silver

    Long as shit video, sorry about that. Didn't condense it at all, so I'll break it down for you.

    Free Run-ish
    First 5 seconds: Demonstrating players no longer spawn in wall, with about five billion dumbass bots.
    0:17: Pillar-or-break trap after fans.
    0:31: Fan trap pulling PixeL into spikes (sucks in, not push out). After that, free run.
    1:18: Ball auto trap. The trap works with the ball rolling down, pushing you into auto trap. Used to be able to push ball off. Not a concern.
    1:43: Additional auto trap after Amy.
    3:13: Demonstration of what you can jump around to avoid, at Shadow.
    3:21: Auto trap after Shadow, just through the golden ring. Also at 3:40.
    2:29: Auto trap when you go up past Rouge the Bat. Also at 3:30.
    2:43: AWP ending.

    3:50: Can choose round music. Two choices, left is best. Don't press either for no music.
    Here we demonstrate the actual traps rather than endings and autos... Starting with the dreaded fan that pulls you in.
    The next trap is the pillar-or-break trap. One button causes all but the yellow-ish rectangles to disappear. The other causes the yellow rectangles to rise and crush you.
    And then we have the moving squares that are pure torture. I love it. RIP PixeL.
    The square after that raises, killing you. RIP PixeL.

    New round, the fan sucks. Ha. Skip to 5:13 to continue where we left off.
    The blue square breaks in half, while the one after breaks into fourths. And PixeL screams like a little girl.
    The ball rolls you into the auto trap like I said before, but can also kill on impact.
    Next, we have spikes that slowly come up. Easy to avoid, also easy to die on.
    And then Amy's hammer swinging into PixeL.

    Skip to 6:12 to avoid watching the fan again. It's fun though.
    The trap after the hammer bonks you on the noggin, but there is a tiny square in it for you to avoid dying.
    The hearts are meant to kill you, PixeL just turned on his god mode hacks to make this more efficient.
    Shadow forms a shield that kills you. PixeL somehow thought Shadow was Sonic.
    The golden ring hoops has lasers that kill you when trap is pressed.
    The little Dr Robotnik tunnel closes you in and explodes.
    Blue Rectangle pushes you off the edge.
    The Rouge portion trap stops the fan you use to ascend to the next level, causing many casualties if timed properly.
    Fan blows you off. Able to get speed off of it, but ending is right there, so makes no difference.
    And then as the last trap, we have the flying bird thing hit you and either kill on impact, or drag you off the map. Super over powered, but avoidable. Not telling how. ;)
    There's some secrets on the map that I barely remember, it's been 10 months since I've played last, prior to today.
    There's 3 standard endings. Shotgun, AWP, and Knife.


    I hope this is in-depth enough. It's a solid map, one that you can only bhop so much of, which is great. I know people hate it when bhoppers end rounds with a 30second record. The auto traps are quite difficult to remember, haha. It's a really fun map, one of the best I've ever played. Without the glitches, it's pretty solid. @PixeL is a god at fixing things. Only took him a few seconds.

    @Highwon , I need it back. Maybe for my 1 year anniversary 11/21? ;) It was the first map I played on Deathrun afterall. Made you guys stuck with me forever, haha!

    Edit: oh dear lord, ignore PixeL's LadyLag trail...
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  8. My fan base isn't dead yet. We need this map quickly (like Sonic) added back on the server.
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