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    It's an older and classic map but I've always liked it. Some things I like about this map are:​
    • Difficult to get in front of a death on this map.​
    • Lots of unique traps​
    • Well made/designed map​
    • It's a harder map to finish​
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    Didn't we used to have that? Or was that somewhere else...
  3. +1
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    Somewhere else, you know, Hex.
  6. Will be play tested tomorrow
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    In beginning, you can pre-speed, use the fan to boost your speed, and go through half the map within a second ( @Emtech2 )
    The end would be a little confusing to people who are new to the map. Instead of having clear and guided directions as most maps do, you can easily overlook the guns on the roof. It is hard to see if you are looking straight ahead, and don't think to look over (I may have done that once.) Continuing forward by jumping off the roof may kill you, but if you survive (which is more likely to happen), you'll be back at start, and there's a lot of people who--if made this mistake--would try to go through the entire map again, and cause a lot of delay.
    These things are minor, and while I don't personally like the map and hate most of the traps (especially the house one), it's not worthy of my -1.
    It's just something to consider