Death Run mods.

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    I think there should be Deathrun only mods. It seems to me that just because people mod the TTT servers, doesn't mean they can/should mod the Deathrun server. People who really like death run should help run it, plus keep the pressure off the TTT admin and mods.
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    We already have moderators that staff specifically only DR. Right now we aren't currently taking any staff positions d: And what exactly do you mean that people who staff TTT shouldn't or can't staff on DR servers? The staff we have currently are doing just fine d:

    Edit: disregard this post, TeeZy knows what's up
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    Well, I guess I just do not see the staff very often. And what I mean is that some people that are mods on TTT do not know the community that frequents the deathrun server as well. Part of the requirement of joining the staff is to be known to the community. The community's are just separate but equal lol.
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    You mean the one moderator?

    The DR staff members that are also TTT staff members literally hold the TTT servers to a higher standard. If the DR server is unstaffed, and a TTT server is unstaffed 8 times out of 10 they will go to the TTT server, unless the DR server is in drastic need of help, which it hardly is anymore.

    I don't think so, I bet 3 out of the 4 DR staff members right now don't have 80+ hours on it.

    Honestly, the DR server is being neglected. For the longest time it wasn't updated and it's just recently got a pointshop. Cool, a pointshop, but all the skins are hidden behind donation ranks (this isn't a bad thing, but it also doesn't make players stay), there hasn't even been an addition of a new map, there hasn't been a removal of broken maps (to my knowledge), and at this point the server has gotten stale. There has really only a few people on the server in the past week (unless I'm missing it). You guys are doing the same thing you did with LP as you did with DR. You wanted it, you wanted it so bad! But in the end, you guys don't even play it... like what's the point?
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  5. i wanted sandbox but no
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