Dead Space 2 Playermodels

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Add in one of these Dead Space models?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  1. Rawgah

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    Dead Space is a great game that I am sure many of us have played. It's suits are bad ass and look great. I wanted to add one of these player models to pay homage and since I'm sure some of us would love them to have them on the server. These playermodels also come with another addon that changes your health color/lowers it on the back of the skin, like in the game. I already asked about this addon and it was deemed fine. I am unsure which skin of the playermodels we should use but I suggest if you +1 to write your favorite skin. Personally I enjoy the Triage, Patrol, Riot, and Security suits.

    Here is an imgur link to the screenshots of the playermodels and its hitbox.
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  2. Paradox

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    idk self promotion was bad so neutral :)

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  3. BorkWoof

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    After shoving this link down my throat In-game & on SB, I will finally give my opinion.

    i give it an eh out of 10
    the lighting is eh
    it just looks like another boring sci-fi model.
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  4. ThatAintFalco

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    Yes (y)
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