Dark Souls Model - Darkmoon Knightess

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  1. After some confliction with my Faraam model. I finally found a 'player' model in the workshop that I would like to endorse towards the TTT community.
    Being a fanatic collector and fan the the Dark Souls Franchise, Darkmoon was an armor formally introduced in the original DS1. Known for her armor, her plate has a very clean look that shines perfectly against the sun (praise the sun). I find the persona of this design to be beautifully sinful, but not distracting. I had to suggest this model because it would be damn awesome to see in game, and since I am a Dark Souls fan. I also added some pictures so you can get a quick glance of the armor.

    workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=261585281&searchtext=dark+souls
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  3. Pandora?

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    gonna backstab her again :woot:


    i might play dr if we had this model (heh)
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    did someone say faraam armor
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  7. twitch.tv/echostorm2k ⚔️

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    +1. This model brings a new taste to Deathrun and would fit perfectly with the other models.
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    This suggestion was posted to the Deathrun suggestion thread, rather than TTT. ;)

    Regardless, looks interesting. (y)
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  11. Aw hell yea boi
  12. wagwan

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    That player model looks sick! +1 trillion