Daily Serious East Newspaper - SEXIST MODS??? - 9/9/20

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    Today in the Eastern server we have some pretty crazy news. For the sake of integrity, I will refuse to name any players other than those who I decide I want to name.

    This story starts on a map I can't remmber cause I have ADHD actualy it was lost temple i remember now. So, 3 players have the same spray that may or may not be a crude ms paint WAP pouring water down into a lake with dick clouds around it. A certain mod told one player to change it and not the others. The others were boys and the one they told WAS A GIRL. MODS????? This cannot continue

    Also, players @gerafe @Desert @MetalCrysis @flamingo invited players @JesstheMess and "Wet Ass P-word" to play smite. Althought they all agreed this was the greatest game ever, the two females did not feel comfortable playing because the mods were mean. This is clear and rampant sexist effort. Reverse the roles!

    Players @gerafe and @flamingo roleplayed as oblivion NPCs for an entire round failing to complete their traitor round and delivering a win to the innocents! Nice job! This was due to @JesstheMess requesting them to RP for her as she wanted to RP and play smite today.

    Off topic news: Illusiong55 is doing good! He played sandbox today!

    Birthdays today: Happy Birthday @Frost

    Lastly, a player by the name of Insight joined the server today. He was weird and annoying. Mods please ban him.
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    great news peepoclapo
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    Can confirm
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  5. Twitch.youtube.com.ttv/AAAAAAA911

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    Best nightly newspaper 20/10
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    Is this Han Solo's alt
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  7. I was wondering if that was what I thought that was, but this is some serious journalism. Mods take note of this absolute specimen we have before us, doing gods work amongst men as I, a simple disciple, witness all these generous acts with a smile on my face.

    So smite night confirmed or no? At least try it Jess :notworthy:
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  8. Panduh

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    Ah a fellow brother creating a news outlet for the fellow community. Glad to hear our leader Illusiong55 is doing very splendid indeed. These tyrant and sexist mods are taking over gerafe. You might gain too much power, and they might put you to sleep permanently.
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    Han Solo
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    Green Lantern
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    I can confirm that the staff team have a monthly witch hunt and exile one female mod
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    @cynder is next
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    im not female
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    man i really hope han solo's doing well, he's an awesome dude.
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