Cupcake Mayhem and Gandalf The Gay

Discussion in 'TTT Staff/Player Reports' started by BananaCoconuts, Dec 13, 2013.

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  1. Zikeji

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    Mango Tango, Gandalf called a KoS on ThePepper so BananaCoconuts called a KoS on Gandalf and consequently someone else called one on BananaCoconuts for KoS'ing Gandalf(I'll assume Gandalf was killed and ID'd as an inno). So just like Mango said, the reality here lies in the relationship between Gandalf and ThePepper. If Gandalf saw ThePepper do something traitorous, it was fine. If ThePepper did nothing traitorous, then Gandalf deserved a slay for causing the RDM.
  2. You caused everything banana.[/quote]
    no i didnt Gandalf did i only said "I think ThePepper killed this guy with a barrel"
  3. ThePepper

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    Gandalf was not killed until far later in the match. I did nothing traitorous, and even if i was standing near the unided there were 2 other people on the building with banana and I (we were on rooftops on the destroyable building.) Gandalf called the KOS on me from a suspicious comment banana made. A random inno kills me and ID's my body. Banana KOSes gandalf. Gandalf doesn't kill everyone near him, so cupcakes KOS'es banana for an assumed false KOS.
  4. but players cant KOS on suspicion so Cupcake and Gandalf the Gay deserves slay...but they left so RDM + Leave ban 5 days
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    I'm going to lock this topic, as it is going nowhere. Banana, please relax and let the admins decide what happens. We know how the rules work. You should trust us to handle things.
  6. Enigmatica

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    Unlocking just to say that the reason I didn't immediately do anything was because it was a lot of he said/she said going around and I don't want to slay in that case. After viewing the report here, however, it was revealed that Gandalf called a KOS on suspicion which is, at most, deserving of a slay.

    Topic relocked.
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