Community Leader: The Lead lead Admin

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Juice Juice™, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. Juice Juice™

    Juice Juice™ VIP Emerald Bronze

    With this grand new title bestowed upon the Heroic @HelixSpiral, our little serverbase is now blessed with the Leader Lead Admin. I eagerly await our next ranking, the Head of Moderators
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  2. Kaggmaster

    Kaggmaster I'll remember you, if you remember me. <3 VIP

    so, what's this thread for, exactly?
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  3. Darragh

    Darragh VIP

    Arent those just admins?
  4. Juice Juice™

    Juice Juice™ VIP Emerald Bronze

    To congratulate Helix on his promotion! And not at all to poke fun at the fact his promotion essentially amounts to Lead Lead Admin.
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  5. Darragh

    Darragh VIP

    lol nice
  6. Adminツ

    Adminツ VIP

    trial mod?
  7. neutral

    neutral VIP

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  8. Toest

    Toest "I am the bus" ~ Falcor, all the time VIP

    color could be better tbh /shrug
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  9. tz-

    tz- feelin it VIP Emerald

    yo what the fuck do you even do besides having a dumbass color that hurts my fucking head
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  10. Fregley

    Fregley ThErE aRe StOrIeS wAiTiNg To Be MaDe VIP Silver

    this role serves no purpose, lead admin is literally already a community leader lmao. what a fucking troll
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  11. I still don't get while this role is necessary, there isn't enough staff to warrant another Lead Admin tier
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  12. sam.

    sam. VIP

    purpose was to remove pressure from opal. it was unnecessary for him to have all that workload at once.
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  13. Elvis

    Elvis TheRockStars VIP Silver

    lmao fucking community leader
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  14. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    fuck helix he's a loser. #notmycommunityleader
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  15. Solar

    Solar El Dorado VIP

    He's now a Community "Manager"

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  16. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer VIP Silver

    how do i get lead tryhard
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  17. Toest

    Toest "I am the bus" ~ Falcor, all the time VIP

    you already have the badge right here -->
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  18. Robyn

    Robyn Floof Moderator VIP Silver

    Wrong badge.
    Here. Take this badge.
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  19. Shelbutt

    Shelbutt VIP

    I don't understand the big deal about this. He got a title. Whoop Dedoo
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  20. Daddy Nexxus

    Daddy Nexxus Toxi-Fessional VIP

    Real professional. Glad to see the staff team taking their jobs seriously.
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