Finished Cole's Christmas Halloween New Year Giveaway

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by Cole, Mar 16, 2021.

  1. Robyn

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  2. capri sun

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  7. gerafe

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    @gerafe @Desert the sage of the desert sands needs to retain his wisdom

    ah fuck ur tagged already fuck it im not changing it
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  9. Sable

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  10. Scotty

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    My fault then idk who to tag then lol
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  11. wubby

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    tag that lame jabba dude
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  12. Scotty

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  15. Fiz

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  16. Cole

    Cole VIP

    Congratz to the First 4 Winners.
    @Jabba the Slut

    Message me on discord. Since all of you have VIP. Ill do an equivalent, so pretty much all of you will get Elite for a Month. Shit looks rigged as fuck btw but i promise its not. xD

    @Cash The next 4 winners will message Cash on discord and request the following rank he has decided to giveaway.

    Now before you fuckers start saying this shit is rigged. I legit was laughing when all 8 roles almost included all staff.
    Thanks to all for participating.
    I will be doing a Legendary Giveaway x2. Sometime around the anniversary or something around then. Look forward for that and have a great day
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  17. Yellow

    Yellow VIP

    Only 1 non-staff won? Most rigged giveaway yet...
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  18. Moleman

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  19. 1 , ex staff still count