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  1. Sir Clutch

    Sir Clutch they gonna talk bout me Banned VIP

    As seen in the former staff members thread i'm sure a bunch of you know I resigned. Honestly I didn't think I was gonna do this anytime soon whatsoever. All I ever wanted for this community was for it to grow and prosper. I planned to stay as a staff member of this community for a while but things didn't pan out the way I had planned and now we're here. It's hard to put a lot of time and effort into something and in the end your opinion still doesn't matter. But I had a lot of fun while it lasted and I owe it to a lot of you guys. I became a staff member to make a difference for this community but I didn't see an opportunity to make that happen any time soon. I'll still be sticking around the community so you all will still be seeing me around.

    @Pandora? I can't thank you enough for being my admin and picking me up. You were a great admin and I wouldn't have wanted another. Pretty sure there wasn't anyone else even considering picking me up when I applied but you believed in me.

    @French Toast @Pacifist You guys are awesome and were great team members and made me proud to be on the team.

    @Steve Mason @Ichikunjii @LegitCake @Guardia @Eski @GimcSnooper Whether it was part of Aco's team or Steves you guys all ways made me feel welcome and appreciated. I considered you guys my second team and always enjoyed talking with you guys.

    @Sinz @nilz @Machinekiller00 @ryan4win @Lemon I considered you all friends and had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys. You made my experience as a staff member a lot of fun.

    There is probably a handful of people that I didn't tag but know I still have love for you. Thanks for everything guys, I owe a lot of my enjoyment from this server to y'all. But like I said, i'll be sticking around so see you guys soon.
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  2. Machinekiller00

    Machinekiller00 I <3 Gunter Banned Elite

    You had the potential to do great things for this community. Sad to see you leave. Keep in touch clutch. We should hang out more.
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  3. LadyLag

    LadyLag Creator of lag. Silver

    I hope you and the Taco/Mason crew continue to drop by in TeamSpeak. Otherwise I'd miss you guys too much. :love:
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  4. Milo

    Milo Meow Legendary

    When your nilla family doesn't tag you </3 ouch
    I'll miss you, hope you still play but honestly you were one of the best people to staff with and I'll miss you.

    I'm sad to see you go ):
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  5. Lone Wanderer

    Lone Wanderer The One and Only VIP

    Thank you for your time staffing here at SGM. I wish I got a chance to know you better, and that you weren't leaving under these circumstances. Hope things turn out well for you in the future, Clutch.
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  6. Pandora?

    Pandora? Alcoholic in Training VIP Silver

    Don't undersell yourself too much man ;) you had great potential and you were set for great things. I said a lot of what I wanted to you over steam/ts but hey now it's our turn to watch over Paci and French.

    Now you can get karma banned all you want :LOL:
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  7. Pacifist

    Pacifist that's pretty good Mod VIP+ Bronze

    You were honestly one of my favorite moderators. You were the most chill player I had ever met ever. If I am being completely honest, I'm sad to see you go. If you want to talk over steam, hmu. If you want to talk over ts, hmu. Seriously just don't lose contact.
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  8. Yuuki

    Yuuki SGM Librarian Legendary

    Hey. It's a shame things have to end this way. However, it was a pleasure to meet you and staff with you for short while. Other than that, good luck with your future endeavors.
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  9. Chastity4lyfe

    Chastity4lyfe *Eye roll* VIP Silver

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  10. Mr. Disco

    Mr. Disco Jeff Lynne is a musical genius. VIP

    I did like you. Sad to see you go now. Wish you luck in the future and where you might find yourself
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  11. French Toast

    French Toast That's how the toast crumbles Mod Elite

    The nilla family loses another... I just hope this isn't forever. You deserved better. We all did. Whatever happens, don't let us lose touch.
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  12. ryan4win

    ryan4win I was supposed to do great things Banned VIP+ Silver

    Sad we didn't get to see Sir Clutch as it was coming sooner than later.

    Sorry it had to end this way, but we'll keep in touch.
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  13. Kaggmaster

    Kaggmaster Supporter

    I've known you since the beginning of when I joined this community i've seen you get the mod spot with @Milo.
    but where are all of the nilla team tags tho????

    I'm not salty, just heartbroken

    jk love you bro sad to see you go.. :cry::cry::cry:
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  14. Rick

    Rick Running Out of Time VIP

    Wow not even a tag. What a did thing to do. <3
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  15. I wish it didn't turn out this way.