Christmas Event 2015

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  1. Microagressions are real, just ask the players on Vanilla. They understand all of the microagressions that they face each round.
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  2. They are real, but Christmas is a FEDERAL holiday pretty much saying it's national without saying it.
    If you hate christmas (as everyone else has said) then you shouldn't be playing online games during this time. You can say you hate it, but no one will care. It will seem like the average internet hater. I mean Christmas isn't even "religious" in U.S.A. It's been modernized to a time where it's family getting together. if you hate that so much then you understand this is an AMERICAN server (yes,yes, I know there's EU). If you hate family spending time then either rethink your childhood or just don't spread hate. It's a joy to the world we have this holiday as I can see my cousins,2nd ones, friends and family and family friends in one to multiple places. If you can't see that then you haven't opened your eyes
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  3. I never said that I hate Christmas, I was just suggesting that other holidays should be recognized.
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    At first I thought I was talking to someone who was actually serious about the topic. Only to find that you are either a troll or stupid. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say troll.
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  5. How am I a troll for suggesting that other holidays should be celebrated too? Is it the fact that I called it a "Microagression"? The term microagression is the proper terminology to explain my point of view.
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    This has really gotten out of hand. The point of this thread was to inform us of the fun times that will be had over the christmas period and to look forward to it. What it has become is completely unnecessary and I ask all those involved to please stop. If you feel the need to continue to talk about whatever this became feel free to in a private conversation but this thread is not the place.

    In regards to recognising other holidays, Darktooth himself stated that this was chosen as it was "one of the more common holidays to celebrate on video game". If you want to find a way to celebrate any other kind of holiday feel free to do so in your own time or even change this slightly in your own head. Instead of thinking it is the "Christmas" event think of it as the "(Insert your own holiday here)" event. Yes, we may not be formally recognising it, however the point of this event was to bring some cheer into the holiday and for us to all enjoy it on the servers together. This is a time of happiness and good times so let's keep it that way.
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  7. This isn't very jolly.
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  9. Yes.
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    It's the owners choice what holidays to celebrate. If you dislike christmas go make your own community and celebrate pizza festival.
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  12. We're done talking about this in this thread, please respect the Admin's decision and stop talking about this subject in this thread. I've already said that I'm not personally "triggered" but some could take offense. Please read previous posts before continuing a conversation that is over.

    I'm not sure why this post is getting rated dumb when I was siding with @C.A.Anna and this conversation has no place in this thread. * cough cough * @Carned, @Darth West, @Alpha Wolfy, @Dark Spark ツ, and @TeeZy * cough cough *
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  13. Magma

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    Has the gun game been implemented on EU 1?
    Thanks. :)
  14. The real event is watching college football with confetti
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  15. Wait, so am I adopted?
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  16. I new server event?
    It's time.
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    Will Gun Game stick around after the event is completed?
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  18. Time to buy a membership
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    Aww yeah.

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  20. It came out?
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