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  1. Deathbyrussian

    Deathbyrussian Creator of Worlds - Emerald

    Hey everyone.

    As I'm sure many of you know, the Premium Crates we had before were EULA breaking. So we decided to change them to only give cosmetics instead of items.

    All of the other crates (Voting, Daily, Bonus) still give Minecraft items, this change only affects the Premium Crate.

    There are currently 3 cosmetic plugins on the server: SuperTrails, GadgetsMenu, and Emotes.

    The Premium Crate now has 72 cosmetic items total, compared to the ~45 from the previous crate.

    The way the Premium Crate works has also been changed. Instead of turning into a platform with 4 chests, you pick 4 chests from within a small GUI. The crate does its shuffle thing and you're presented with 4 Prizes of differing rarity.




    Each rarity type has a chance to drop, then each item within that rarity has a chance to drop.
    So when you select a chest you'll have a 27% chance to get an Uncommon chest, then an 8% chance to get the Ender Trail from the Uncommon item pool.

    Here is the list of items in the Premium Chest, organized by plugin and rarity:

    Common 35% - 12 items - 10 items with 8/100 chance, 2 with 10/100
    Uncommon25% - 15 items - 10 items 6/100 chance, 5 with 5/100
    Rare 20% - 20 items - each with 1/5 chance
    Exotic15% - 8 items - 6 with 12/100 chance, 2 with 14/100
    Legendary5% - 11 items - 10 with 9/100 chance, 1 with 10/100
    Artifact1% - 6 items - 5 with 17/100 chance, 1 with 15/100

    Accessible with /trails

    Ender - Common
    Splash - Common
    Void - Common
    Sand – Common

    Snow - Uncommon
    Water - Uncommon
    Lava - Uncommon
    Smoke – Uncommon

    Cloud - Rare
    Witch Magic - Rare
    Crit - Rare
    Snowballs- rare

    Spell – Exotic

    Damage - Legendary
    Flower – Legendary
    Redstone - Legendary
    Wheat – Legendary
    Wart Rain - Legendary

    Blood Rain – Artifact
    Diamond Rain – Artifact
    Wings – Artifact

    Accessible with /gmenu main

    Blaze – Common
    Cave Spider – Common
    Chicken – Common
    Pig – Common
    Cow – Common
    Penguin - Common
    Horse – common
    Polar Bear – Common

    Koala - Uncommon
    Bee - Uncommon
    Pig Zombie – Uncommon
    Slime – Uncommon
    Gorilla - Uncommon

    Chocolate Donut – Rare
    Sandwich – Rare
    Clownfish - Rare
    Ferret - Rare
    ! - Rare
    Ghost - Rare
    Fox - Rare
    Pug - Rare
    Reindeer - Rare

    Mummy - Exotic
    Orc - Exotic
    Minotaur - Exotic
    Freddy Fazbear – Exotic
    Bonnie Hat – Exotic
    Monk - Exotic

    Poke Ball – Legendary
    Mario – Legendary
    Doge Hat – Legendary
    Ghast - Legendary

    Ender Dragon – Artifact
    Demon Knight – Artifact
    Shulker - Artifact

    Accessible with /gmenu main

    Snow Bunny - Rare
    Pengu - Rare
    Pug - Rare

    Skull King - Legendary

    Accessible with /emotes

    Spicy - Uncommon
    Cheeky - Uncommon
    Frown – Uncommon
    Cool - Uncommon
    Dizzy - Uncommon
    Moustache - Uncommon

    Surprised - Rare
    Goofy - Rare
    Grin – Rare
    Sleepy - Rare

    Deal with it - Exotic

    Rage - Legendary
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  2. BlueGalaxy

    BlueGalaxy VIP Emerald

    I actually liked the premium chests with the random items and the way it was before this change. I have no use for cosmetics.
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  3. Deathbyrussian

    Deathbyrussian Creator of Worlds - Emerald

    They broke the EULA. The cosmetic crate no longer breaks the EULA.
  4. BlueGalaxy

    BlueGalaxy VIP Emerald

    Will you be changing the daily and voting chests?
  5. Deathbyrussian

    Deathbyrussian Creator of Worlds - Emerald

    Eventually yes, we'll be adding more items to them. We won't be making them cosmetic though. We're also considering adding the old Premium Crate as a new special crate type.
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  6. BlueGalaxy

    BlueGalaxy VIP Emerald

    I can live with that then.
  7. Mr Butters

    Mr Butters For a few to be immortal, many must die. VIP

    Any chance of people that bought keys BEFORE knowing they broke EULA getting compensated with keys so we dont HAVE to spend more money just to get cosmetics.
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  8. We will not be issuing refunds or giving out replacement keys for the updated Premium Crate. When you purchased your keys previously, you opened the crates for which you paid.
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    POP STAR have a nice day VIP Emerald Bronze

    We've already received all the benefits from the non-EULA compliant crates and those items were not taken away from us. Giving us more keys to spend on the new crates does not make sense. You don't "HAVE" to get cosmetics, that's your choice.
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