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Discussion in 'Shoutbox Ban Appeals' started by Canceled Fish, Oct 1, 2020.

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  1. Explain the case:
    I was banned for toxicity

    Although this is not an excuse, I do owe an apology to some people. For the annoyance and disruption I caused, I sincerely apologize and I hope I will not cause any disruption in your way of thinking. However, I also feel that there are a few certain individuals that try to play the system and taunt me in order to get a reaction out of me; this is something that I've been working with my therapist about due to my mental health issues. I love this community and I truly am an introverted person who loves to spend my time building a community of friends in a lone safe space (which is this forum/server, in this case).

    Sorry for the rant, but I really have been here a long time because most of the people here are friendly and understanding. I realize that, although I stick up for myself, I also take it a bit too far, even if I am not the person who is instigating the argument. Or even if I am, because I'm certainly not perfect. I clearly was a giant turd when I joined the community at 15 years old, in 2013. I'm 22 now and I am definitely not the person I was when I first joined. I wouldn't be here now if I wanted to be a troll. I have my opinions and everyone else has theirs, and that doesn't give me the right to act like I do, but it also believe that a lot of misinterpretation has been happening with my response to certain scenarios.

    This also isn't a rag on the mods. I know of lot of mods and admins have joined after or before I joined in 2015, but it really doesn't matter because I know that they have been active. I have no fault against any mods or admins unless they act as admins as "Wink," who (at the time) played favorites. Which is why he was perma-banned from the servers. Clearly, these types of people are not allowed and I agree with, but as of now, I do not think anyone has gone this far.

    My appeal really has gone on for too long, but I hope my appeal is accepted because, despite my mistake, and others as well, I feel that I had been acting well enough for over a year, which is also backed by my SGMod record. During this year, I have 100s of hours on the servers and never had an issue, until certain circumstances came up, before I was disciplined at all.

    I could type a bunch more, but I am honestly tired of the bickering. I want to see the shoutbox and respond to my friends. I don't think a perma ban is justified for the context of my ban and I really think the (relatively) new admin/mod should have thought about the ban before taking their feelings into the factor.

    (edited because people were talking shit in shoutbox like usual because I fucked up my dates lmao. stuff like this is really toxic and putting others against others when you're a mod is probably not the example you guys want to make, right?

    I stand corrected--they went on to say that they were simply confused, and I was wrong to assume they were talking smack.)​
    Related Evidence:
    I never took screenshots. I apologize, but I gave all my personal and anecdotal evidence above.​
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  2. Spitefulvenom

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    I have seen this and will reply tonight, i apologise for the wait
  3. Spitefulvenom

    Spitefulvenom So long TTT! Administrator VIP

    you have been banned from SB for a while now so i will give you another chance and unban you, however should there be a repeat incident you will be rebanned

    Appeal: Accepted
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