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Discussion in 'Shoutbox Ban Appeals' started by Canceled Fish, Aug 27, 2020.

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  1. Explain the case:
    C'mon. You know the case. I was responding to others in chat flaming me. You can say I was trolling, but if you read chat (which I can provide transcripts of if you need), I clearly told others to stop messaging me as well and I would stop responding.

    It is a double standard to tell me to stop talking to others when they have been talking to me first. Warn the others if you are also going to warn me.​
    Related Evidence:

  2. Spitefulvenom

    Spitefulvenom So long TTT! Administrator VIP

    I have seen this and will respond when i can
  3. Are you going to include the whole transcript or would you like me to? You can easily infer me being toxic from purely my chats. But if you read the whole thing, I'm simply defending myself from people who were flaming me for putting in a mod application.
  4. You can see me being told to stop by Frost, but you can also see me requesting the mods to ask others to stop as well.
  5. cynder

    cynder ice queen VIP

    you claim you would stop responding if others stopped but lemme just add this real quick
    seems to contradict what you say in your appeal, no? anywho, that's all i'd like to add.
  6. This was literally a response to a comment you directed towards me; how is that contradictory to ANYTHING I said regarding me only responding when people talked directly to me?
  7. Spitefulvenom

    Spitefulvenom So long TTT! Administrator VIP

    You are welcome to post the whole transcript if you wish i have no issue going through it with you and highlighting where you instigated through general back handed comments or sexism, however i feel that this screenshot sums it up.
    Annotation 2020-08-27 234155.png
    Now This is clearly a threat regardless of how you wanna try and spin it. This isnt acceptable on our servers full stop, YOU were asked to stop due to it being obvious that you were the fuel to the fire as it were and that is the reason for your ban and also why when looking at your history i see no reason to unban you. I will leave this thread open so i can keep my promise and let you post the transcript here for us to go over. Thank you and have a nice day

    Appeal: Denied

    here's a screenshot of audrey talking indirectly about me as if i'm not actively participating in the conversation

    here is my response, both within the same minute and are clearly not me inciting more bullshit

    here is me directly afterwards, trying to shift the conversation from everyone talking shit about me

    shortly afterwards, here is me joking around with lordy like i do with him and jabba and the other leads. it is very obviously not serious and just me joking

    after this, it goes on with zomborg responding to my messages and me joking responding that i have her pictures as a joke, since she quite literally uploaded them to this same site (which she knows this and was trying to incite drama, given our past)

    This is just an over-exaggeration. Whenever this same person jokes about rape and <Redacted slur> in the SB, it's okay, but they really get to choose when I'm being toxic or not, despite me not being banned for toxicity for over a okay. How are you going to ban me for "history of toxicity" when I haven't been toxic in over a year? And the year before that? Not toxic, yet still banned for "history." Seriously? I can read the shoutbox right now. Even when I'm banned, people are still going off and talking about the same topic. And how am I going to be the one to take the blame?
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  9. Spiteful, you have no right to use my history as a substance to ban me when I have tried this hard to not be banned for toxicity for over a year. That is hard work whether or not you think I'm trolling, and I don't think it's right for me to try this hard to still be a member of a community that I'm clearly shunned in, only for you to come around and say I've had a history of toxicity despite my recent history showing proof against that claim. @Jabba the Slut @Lordyhgm @Highwon @Grumble @Humancowcakes ❀ @zomborg can I get any of you in here to please tell these people that I'm not as toxic as I used to be? I only retaliate to actions against me, I never incited anything until I was flamed for applying for mod.
  10. Spitefulvenom

    Spitefulvenom So long TTT! Administrator VIP

    Okay so lets break this down,
    1. Audrey's message wasn't instigating merely reiterating your claim so there is no issue there.
    2. The second screenshot the members are clearly saying that to end the conversation before you call out cynder for her "bullshit" she wrote in your app.
    There was nothing wrong with the other messages in your screenshots so no point in mentioning them. Now you need to remember that there is more than just ban history, and if we had no right to use history against people we wouldn't keep records.
  11. The point is simply that if the conversation wanted to be dropped, it would be dropped. But it wasn't, given my proof that others kept going when I was clearly dont with the conversation.

    I understand the history part. But using my past history as a basis for banning me based on my responses to others, when I just showed my proof that I was trying to change the subject, is not fair.

    I'm not trying to be an asshole here. I'm just trying to point out that there are always two sides to every argument. If you really thought I should have stopped, why didn't you stop the others when they kept going on? Even if Audrey WAS just reiterating what I said, what was the point? If you are telling the truth and everyone truly wanted me to stop, what is the objective in continuing to address me and talk down to me? If they really did not want to engage with me, they would have not kept talking to me even when I was trying to change the conversation.

    Although I was a bit hostile, I hope you can understand given the circumstances, and I hope you do not let me far history cloud your judgement towards my actions. Everyone is defensive when they feel attacked, but I really do not feel like I was being pre-emptively rude towards anyone, especially those who were not already talking down to me with my appeal.

    I'm not trying to argue and I really feel like your messages, as well as Audrey's, were very hostile and I am sorry if I came off as rude. I have tried hard these last two years to stop being an asshole as I really do like this community. But this is a two way street, please understand that even if you think I am a troll, I have feellings too and I do not like being talked down to. Even if I have a bad past, it leaves me feeling down. Especially with my disability and the constant harassment I get with it, I would imagine you would feel the same way if everyone constantly told you that you sound retarded and should kill yourself.
  12. zomborg

    zomborg "She's like a little Satan." - CDriscoll 2015 VIP

    What you said today wasn't even a thinly veiled threat or joke, you were clearly butthurt and chose to try and threaten me? With photos that have actually been removed from the forums, if you clicked the drop down.. Speaking purely for myself, but I had stopped speaking to you or acknowledging you or even talking about you for quite some time yet you kept bringing me up out of nowhere trying to get a response.

    The way you behaved today is embarrassing. I fully support Canceled being banned however long is deemed appropriate coinciding with the current spreadsheet.

    Shouldn't have asked for my input, chief.
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