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Can we have golden and silver skins yet?

Discussion in 'TTT Suggestions' started by incognito moe, Mar 12, 2018 at 1:58 PM.

  1. Anastesia Lawes

    Anastesia Lawes Obey the Lawes MVP Silver Emerald

    If you made gold free then wouldn't the like feeling of having something exclusive be kinda gone then. I felt that was kinda the point of the golden weps.
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  2. BorkWoof

    BorkWoof VIP

    Maybe if It was exclusive in a way that didn't require you to spend 10/20$ MONTHLY, and instead rewarded you for doing something during a certain event, such as the Owners' Scythes, I would like the idea of them being "exclusive."
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018 at 3:44 PM
  3. Elvis

    Elvis The FuckBoi of STTT MVP

    I dont understand why some people are so against this.

    This will ONLY be a cosmetic thing. No upgrades for weapons or anything. You kill 10 traitors, boom you get a bronze gun. Kill 100 get silver. kill 1000 get gold. kill 10000 get...... whatever else you want.

    With how the current skins work, it is entirely a market. You pay 10/20 bucks for ONE month and then having to grind for all those point just to buy it first, and then have to keep paying monthly that 10/20 bucks to keep that skin. Which we can keep honestly, bc there are alot more skins out there that can be added to keep everybody feeling like their getting something "exclusive".
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  4. First you say you won't suggest a better system, but then you suggest a system you believe is better while simultaneously not realising that's what I was suggesting. I didn't ever say you'd have to pay points to get skins, I suggested it be achievement based, and had you read my actual suggestion and further comments you'd have realised that Python.

    Don't put your fingers in your ears and then reiterate what's already being said to you.
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  5. Python~

    Python~ Young Bard VIP+ Silver Emerald

    What? I didn't suggest the achievement system, I just told you about it. This isn't at all what you're suggesting either. I read your OP. You want people to get skins based off kills. This isn't the achievement system I'm referring to. You never said this would be achievement-based whatsoever, so idk where this is coming from.

    I also don't know why you're saying I said you'd pay points to buy the gold skins? Tell me exactly where I said that, or learn to read before you argue against things I never said
  6. Elvis

    Elvis The FuckBoi of STTT MVP

    Why do you consistently make suggestions into an argument? If you don’t like it, rate it and leave it at that. Every time you make something like this an argument bc you don’t like it. No one wants to see this bs.
  7. Dude pick a lane ands stick with it. Debating with you is ennui.
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  8. Python~

    Python~ Young Bard VIP+ Silver Emerald

    I have the right to explain why I dislike a suggestion, just as you have the right to explain why you like it. I don't argue until someone else tries to change my mind (which isn't impossible). But if someone is gonna bring up points I never said to argue against them, I'm not just gonna rate it lol

    If you wanted me to not argue my points, you shouldn't have tried to make your own. Maybe take your own advice and rate it instead

    Idk what you're taking from what I said there but it's obviously not what I meant. Kills = time, like points, not skill. I want a skill-based achievement system for these cosmetics, you want a kill-based. What is so confusing to you about that?