Brimstone map does not have a shop

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  1. Azure

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    Unless we're crazy, we couldn't find a store to spend our emeralds in the nice MobArena map @Sinz and @Verified made. This makes it pretty much unplayable past the early levels.
  2. veri

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    When we made this map we were not aware of the shop that was being used in the other arenas. So, you aren't going crazy!

    I would like to see it added, but it's out of our control now.
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  4. Turquoise

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    Mob Arena I believe.
  5. You know? that one thing nobody else other then me really plays a whole lot?
  6. Graze

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    Did they fix the exploit?
  7. The one where you could use the potions to kill the whole group of enemys that spawn? Yes, they removed it from shop.
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    Ah cool lol.
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    Curious, what level have you reached in MobArena? I haven't written the prestige system yet, considering as far as I'm aware nobody has even made it close to level 100 yet. I'm thinking there should be an economy reward for prestiging along with maybe a title or something, but we haven't really decided on that yet.

    Back to OP: I agree a shop should be added to this map, and will write it down on my to-do list.
  10. Graze

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    I have a screenshot of me reaching wave 160 before getting bored.
  11. EhhChris

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    I meant the personal level, not in-game wave, but that's pretty impressive. Were you able to do this by exploiting, or just avoiding death for a long time?

    The level I meant can be found with /sa stats
  12. Graze

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    Oh, it was through a location I found where the mobs dont aggro you at all and then you just snipe them from there with a bow. I got to personal level 70 or so.
  13. I've actually reached close to 100, im like 96 or something. I will check here in a moment so I will edit this post when I do. Edit: i'm actually only 92, strange thought I was 96 but ehh ima be playing on here and getting those last few levels anyhow ;)
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