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    On deathrun there's really nothing to spend your points on besides player models and the lottery.

    So I was thinking about possible ideas of Perks/Boost rounds. Perk would be similar to TTT where they last forever. Boosts would be one round deals you could only buy once a map (similar to how you can buy T or detective rounds) depending on the boost.

    Note: For boosts I had the idea of adding things that would be too OP for perks but would be fun for a round
    • Death Rounds. Yes buy-able death rounds. You can buy them ever round if you want to. Most people hate being death so why not let those that want it buy it for a round. For added value, don't restrict the amount of deaths that can buy it each round (provided there's at least 1 runner). I think it would be hilarious if fifteen people buy death at once like people do with detectives on TTT. Maybe around the price of a detective round.
    • Increased Speed and/or Reduced Gravity. It can be one or the other, both, or separate boosts. I'd allow allow someone to buy it once a map else it would be OP. Around the price of a Traitor round.

    • Death Chance. Five tier perk system. Each level gets more expensive and lowers your chance at being selected as death by 5%(or 10) for each tier, with the result making the user 25% (or 50) less likely to be chosen as death than normal for a given round.
    • Health Regen. One time and expensive purchase. Every second you regen 1(or more) points of health
    • Health. Health increased to 115 from 100. One time expensive buy
    • Infinite Harpoon. When you pick up and AK (which is on almost every map) it is replaced by a Harpoon where you can throw infinite times. One time expensive buy.
    • Redemption. As a death you can pick up guns. One time expensive buy.
    Some of the ideas may need to be fleshed out a bit and some may have some unforeseen drawbacks, but I just wanted to suggest a perk/boost system with some quick ideas.
    I also need something to spend my points on other than player models cause I've already bought em all.
    pls @Highwon

    If you have any ideas for things likes perks or round long boosts, feel free to suggest em cause these are just some quick ideas.

    I think there was already a perks post idea, but I can't seem to find it. And this post is sorta different.
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    I love the idea of all of these besides the gravity.Many other servers have different gravity for the runners and I didn't like it.with the gravity you can jump over the snowman in ice world and others things that can be unfair for the death,In my opinion I don't really like the gravity but the rest I have tried before and they are amazing!
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    Deathrun needs some love, too!
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    All of them aside from Redemption seem good. Why against Redemption? Because that should be a guaranteed thing right away in Deathrun. +.75
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    This could be a tier perk that would make it a higher chance every time you pick up an AK to replace it with a harpoon until it is 100%.
    Again, could be a tier perk. The higher the tier, the faster the regen.
    Tier 1: 1HP every 5 seconds
    Tier 2: 1HP every 4 seconds
    Tier 3: 1HP every 3 seconds
    Tier 4: 1HP ever 2 seconds
    Tier 5: 1HP every 1 second
    However, if that is too powerful you could just raise the amount of HP gained every X amount of seconds. So instead of 1HP every 1 second it could be 5HP every 5 seconds.
    I think this should have a restriction, if there are 4 or less players on the server, the perk would not work OR would have a significantly lower chance skipping you in death selection.

    Other than that +1 to everything besides the gravity.
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    +1 to this but more like @Ye Ole' Chad's version:
  8. Skyrossm

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    I know some people like being death but being able to buy it may make some salty people buy it and target someone because of the round before.
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