Bodies confirmed due to killing a traitor

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  1. ZaneLoehr (Masochist Ver.)

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    I'm curious as to how situations like these are handled.

    Situation: Two players remain, one traitor and one innocent, there is one player missing in action.
    A traitor had just previously died and all the innos that that particular traitor had killed become confirmed dead on the scoreboard, however the actual bodies themselves have yet to be id'd. Can the inno kill the traitor if they come across an unid'd?

    From the inno's perspective there are 3 players left on their scoreboard and they found an unid so they kill the other player they find. ("i walked past a unided 3 of us left 1 unided me and u alive = u a T" was the response i got for this case)
    Makes sense, but if killing a traitor confirms the players the traitor has killed on the scoreboard but the bodies themselves are still unid'd, how do we know that the unid the last inno found wasn't one of the already confirmed innos? Therefore making the third player on the scoreboard still potentially alive?
    How are cases like these treated?

    EDIT: As far as traitors are concerned, if I'm an inno and I kill a traitor and his body ends up somewhere I can't reach. If I then die and my body identified, the traitor I killed will have there name show up in the scoreboard as confirmed dead, however their role will not be displayed until the player's physical body is identified.
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  2. Arm

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    They are confirmed dead on the scoreboard when they are confirmed dead on a body. The dead body is then automatically identified. Therefore, if they saw an unID, and there were 3 names left on scoreboard, they could kill the other person.
  3. ZaneLoehr (Masochist Ver.)

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    That's not how it works, If a traitor kills me and throws my body off the building on rooftops lets say. You then kill the traitor and identify their body. My name now shows up as confirmed dead on the scoreboard. But if you go off the map you would see my dead body still unidentified on the floor.
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    When the traitor is identified, the body is confirmed dead but not ided until it actually gets ided. Despite the fact that it should work that way, if there are three people left on the scoreboard, two Alive and one Mia, you can't kill anyone you see if you come across an unided. You'll still have to id it first.
  5. ZaneLoehr (Masochist Ver.)

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    @Falcon @Eventghoul >.>

    It's all good, so basically he has to identify it first to see if there is still 3 players left on the scoreboard or if it goes to two before he koses/kills me?
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    @ZaneLoehrwolf (Masochist Ver.) You tagged the wrong Falcon
    Also, tbh I didn't know about this. Falcon will serve a slay (providing that he didn't actually id it) then.
  7. ZaneLoehr (Masochist Ver.)

    ZaneLoehr (Masochist Ver.) Warehouse 13 Next Generation VIP

    I wasn't sure about it either that's why I made the thread. I'm fine if he doesn't get a slay, purpose of the thread was the clarification.