Blizzard Explains - How do the roles and TTT in common work?

Discussion in 'TTT Discussion' started by TheBlizzard, May 22, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone!

    As probably a lot of you know, I am Blizzard and I am playing on the Serious Gmod TTT Vanilla EU server.
    I was thinking about how i can improve the gameplay of other players. Such as right now, making video's how the roles in TTT work (Mostly for these servers).
    So here you go guys :D Here is a video of me explaing all 3 roles, what you have to do, how it works and what the basics are of the roles (including some tricks i use)
    I made 3 video's since im not good in shortcutting in YouTube. And i wont have to bother you guys with checking where it started!

    The Innocent kid who did nothing wrong

    Hello! I'm Mr. Sherlock Holmes! (Detective)(2 video's)
    1 Is clearer then the other one. So i have chosen to upload both.

    This one is a more clear thing about the shop

    The one and only Traitor. Cause l2p!

    Shoutout to @Nevermore since he really wanted me to.
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  2. auggie

    auggie Active Member

    stop promoting ur youtube bro
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  3. Dwardu

    Dwardu School tmrw? VIP

    I wouldn't say he's promoting his youtube, if anything he's trying to help people learn TTT, is he asking for subs somewhere? Doesn't seem so imo
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  4. Adrian Shephard

    Adrian Shephard VIP Silver

    guys pls like his videos


    plz add disclaimer to Detective video to pay attention to what's actually happening in the game cuz u missed like 3 times where I kos and kill a T and then call suspicion on me :ROFLMAO:
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  6. I was making a video xD c'mon i can't make a video that focuses on how the detective works meanwhile following the game :p
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  7. BorkWoof

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    are you making fun of me
  8. Nevermore

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    thank you for the traitor guide bRO
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