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  1. ThatAintFalco

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    This is what gets really annoying. Every time he comes on the server, he ALWAYS rdms me at the start of the round and I report him and then he makes really ridiculous responses and then he just starts rdming me again and this always happens when there is no mods on. Honestly, this is not how a VIP player should behave and I think he deserves to be banned. I try to get mods on when this happens and they never come on and I just get so annoyed and pissed off that this keeps happening. Also might I add, he constantly chat spams and mass rdms other people as well.
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  2. neutral

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  3. Acnologia

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    File a forum report with all evidence you can get.

    A rank does not mean that one has immunity to harassment or can do whatever they like. They're treated the same as other players.

    Put a notice in the Shoutbox. A staff member will come on when they can. We can't always be at your service, this is a voluntary job.

    Refer to my first point.

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  4. Kyül

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    Do you have any evidence to these allegations? If so, please either contact a staff member directly or file a forum report. A thread like this is not the way to go amigo.
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