Banned for killing 3 ts as a detective

Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Little Tokyo01, Sep 10, 2013.

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  1. Here is the story... 67th way
    i killed one terrorist beginning of the round because he killed a detective and i got his dna. I killed another one after two innocents got tested and i witness one proven innocent get murdered as he went up the stairs and was murdered so i went around and dna tested him. i killed the guy because i had dna and he was hanging bodies. the third terrorist i killed was because I had radar and it was only me (the detective) a proven afk person and that person left. The Ts who got killed by me were screaming rdm. People told me to leave the server so i wouldnt get banned.
  2. then i got banned half a round later
  3. eduardopy

    eduardopy Banned

    Leaving after rdming is the way to get banned, and how can you prove an afk person? Anyways Lemoncakes banned you for mass rdm. You stated you only killed 3 ts when he says you killed 4+? Well ill tell him to check by the appeal.
  4. Sir Lemoncakes

    Sir Lemoncakes Don't trust the other guy. The cake IS a lie. VIP

    Hey man , you RDM'd multiple rounds while I was away as evidenced by the massive complaints from everyone on the server. Aslo, while I was there you killed multiple T's without proper evidence. Please wait out your ban and I hope to see you on with improved behavior in the future.
  5. 1. people in the server told me to leave, i didnt leave because i was telling them why i killed them. soon after they said they will get me banned.
    2. the guy went afk in the t testing room so me and a guy crowbared him in and tested him
    3. He didnt ask why he just banned me...the fourth person i killed was a guy from the previous round who was shooting me so i killed him.
  6. if you could, you should check the damage logs. :D :idea:
  7. eduardopy

    eduardopy Banned

    How did you take him out? I am pretty sure you cant crowbar him out can you?
  8. There were two innocents in t testing room one was afk, the guy went in and tested. the afk guy we crow bared him in and tested him. that left two unproven terrorist. one innocent terrorist got murdered so i killed the traitor responsible. That makes three people left (i had radar) me(detective), Traitor, and innocent terriost (afk).
  9. GunAndBomb

    GunAndBomb Explosive VIP

    He could have used a discombobulater
  10. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    Or he could have just left him in the tester, considering that there was no need to take him out with only three people left and two were proven.
  11. Skyrossm

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    I remember when you got banned, you did RDM if I can remember correctly.
  12. Cupcake Mayhem

    Cupcake Mayhem Uncuffed VIP

    Topic will be locked, ban is now expired.
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