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Discussion in 'Deathrun Ban Appeals' started by BagelRama, Jul 22, 2017.

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  1. BagelRama

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    U have every right to keep me banned but i know i should of not mic spammed but as you see i am still here making a appeal i am pleading to be unbanned from the server i should of learned because i am the main deathrun reporter i was in my dumb type of mood were i make regret full acts i should of learned if i report people for mic spam, harassment, etc... and if i go off and do it i am a hypocrite i will not do it again and if i do it again then shame on me for making this report if you nice enough to unban me thank you but if not i will not argue with ur decision. next time i will head the warnings instead of ignoring them i do not want to end up like the people in my reports.
    Evidence of Innocence:
    i am have no evidence nor am i innocent there is video proof along with a witness there name is NoHackJustGood i have learned my lesson thank you for reading this.​
  2. Dwardu

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    Tagging @NoHackJustGood as they banned you for Mic spam, please be patient until they can gather their evidence.
  3. BagelRama

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    P.S theres evidence that i did it nohack heard it and got it on video there is not proof that i am innocent.
  4. NoHackJustGood

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    @Dwardu, thanks for letting me know about this appeal, much appreciated.

    I won't be unbanning you for the reasons listed in our conversation with @PixeL. Your behavior in the server was unacceptable, and I was extremely lenient with you. Please take this time to learn from your mistakes and don't continue with this behavior in the future.

    Appeal: Denied
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