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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Ariana Grande, Jan 3, 2016.

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    Okay, so I was just banned for "loophole trolling" by a mod named Rice. Okay, so the first thing that happened was I accidentally shot an inno with a pistol, dealing 10 damage, but not killing. I was slain so I was fine with it. I then did it again accidentally, because i'm stupid, and got slain for 2 rounds. I was a bit suspicious that this particular mod was just searching for reasons to punish me, because we had gotten into several arguments but in the end I took my punishment. And then a map change happened. In this particular map, I killed a traitor. Rice took this as RDM, despite having no proof that I RDM'd or had no reasons to kill this player. I even told him, I said "You have no proof that it was RDM, he could have pulled a T weapon or picked a T weapon off a buddy." He threatens to ban me for one day. I then drop the matter assuming it's done and just thinking the worst that will happen is a one day ban, which I could live with. 2 maps later, without further word from him at all, he bans me for loophole trolling for 28 days. I think this is rather harsh honestly as he really didn't have sufficient evidence to prove it was RDM and I was completely fine with a 1 day ban. I'll gladly take the 1day RDM ban or serve 20 slays or something, however I think a 28 day loopholing ban is completely unjustified given the circumstances and overall lack of evidence on the matter.
    Evidence of Innocence:

  2. Rice

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    I'll respond shortly.
  3. Rice

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    Also tagging @SchmooveySchmoove and @CDriscoll . As Schmoovey was the trial mod at the time and was in-game with me, and CD because he was the admin that I showed the screenshots to. Compiled here is the screenshots.

    The situation: I heard gunshots and found you over @YSoSiriuss ' body. I found it odd that someone died so early into the round, so I asked if he had knifed you as he was in close proximity. You responded in the affirmative and even later put the same response in the report against you (that he pulled T weapon out). The issue with that is not only did he not even buy a T weapon, NOT 1 second person bought a T weapon. This is when you were caught trying to loophole around our rules. I first explained to you that the ban would be 1 day for mass rdm (as it was), because you had no valid to kill him. When I checked that he did not do what you
    said he did, I realized you were trying to skirt our rules by very blatantly lying before AND after I confronted you about it.

    What do you have to say?

    EDIT: I also want to point out that I PMed you not once, but twice with an early rendition of the screenshots (2 images).
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  4. I thought I saw him pull a knife, as I told you. You then dismissed this claim so I assumed I'd be banned for accidental RDM. I RDM'd because I thought he pulled a knife as I told you numerous times. I then tried to defend myself by saying "well I coulda sworn he pulled a knife is there definitive proof he didn't?" Again, I fully acknowledge this RDM and I'll take the 1 day ban for it but I will not accept the loophole accusation as I genuinely thought he pulled a knife and that's what I said to defend myself. When you said he didn't have one I eventually stopped responding because I then knew I RDM'd. This was not loop holing, I genuinely thought that he pulled a knife. After I viewed the screenshots after rice stopped responding I saw he didn't have a knife so I accepted that I rdm'd and I stopped responding as well. When presented with definitive proof I didn't try to dispute any further. I want to point out that I viewed said screenshots after the argument was over so I had no way of knowing he didn't have a knife until rice stopped responding.
  5. Rice

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    Check my edit. I linked you the evidence TWICE. You then replied to that report when I prompted you to, but you gave the same reasoning that he had a T weapon out when he didn't. You also never said "well I coulda sworn he pulled a knife is there definitive proof he didn't?" and are now just creating things out of thin air. If you have any sort of evidence that you did please do so, and I will retract my statement. But as of right now with my experience staffing when you are on, it hasn't been pleasant to say the least.

    Let me paint a picture: for the 2 RDM you did earlier in your time on Vanilla, you had damaged 2 different players with varying amounts (14, and 16 if I'm correct). Not only did you not give your reasoning as to why you damaged them, but then you turned it around on me and asked why I was targeting, belittling, being arrogant, and condescending towards you. You felt you were being targeted when there was no such thing, I was simple performing my duties as a moderator and investigating potential instance of RDM.
  6. I said something to the effect of that. I don't remember the exact quote I said, I may have said t weapon instead of knife since knife is a t weapon, but I did ask if there was definitive proof he didnt have a t weapon. As for why it took so long to view screenshots I have slow internet and it's hard to play and open web browsers at the same time. Once again, I said I didn't view screenshots until after you stopped replying, so I'm not "pulling things out of thin air" because I really did ask if there's proof he didn't have a t weapon, and you gave me the proof so I stopped. As for our personal arguments, that has no relevance here and is honestly a violation of privacy because those were private.
  7. I have personally been RDMed by Ariana several times (I think she doesn't like me). This particular time the round started and I spawned in front of her. She accidentally dropped her AK which I picked up. In chat Ariana expressd her frustration with me taking her ak. I was going to keep it (sry not very nice I guess) but as I entered a building looking for ammo she promptly shot me. I had not baught any T weapons, fired a shot, or hurt anyone in anyway. No one else had died so I could not have picked up a T weapon. BTW Ariana there is a log every round showing who shot, who bought what weapons, and who died.) RDM for sure, and not the first time. She is often on when there are no mods and enjoys rdm. ;) got caught this time Grande.
  8. I admitted to RDM. That's not the issue here. I thought you pulled a knife (I now know you didn't, my mistake) so I shot you. This was blatant RDM as I later found you did not have a knife. The AK argument is irrelevant because I was in the building with you looking for shotgun ammo when I thought I saw you pull a knife on me.
  9. Rice

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    There's some disconnect here. I'm simply addressing part of your appeal where you felt you were being targeted, and providing my side of the story. Let's not turn this into something else besides an appeal.

    Onto your appeal: again, the issue is that you had absolutely 0 reason to kill him, and when confronted early on with a situation that I provided (if he tried to knife you), you responded yes. You made no attempt to explain yourself before I asked. With what YSoSiriuss has said, do you find it possible or even likely that he not only had the time to 1) buy a knife, 2) take your AK and not give it back, 3) you noticing him taking his knife out and 4) him trying to knife you all in 4 seconds (when you shot him)?
  10. Your time table is errant. He took the Ak during the 1min prep phase and we were around 20 seconds into the round when I was looking for ammo and thought I saw him pull a knife. 20seconds is long enough to buy a knife especially with bindings. We were also alone so that amped up my trigger finger. Again with the knowledge I know now this is RDM but he definitely had enough time to purchase and pull out a knife so don't try to propose he didn't.
  11. Ariana I recall another time you killed me and then the next round you shot me from point blank with a rifle for no reason. When I asked you in the comments you asked "Should I care?" The mod Senko was present for this.
  12. Sirius that is a prior situation that has already been dealt with and thus has no relevance here. Especially considering this ban is for loop holing and not RDM.
  13. Rice

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    Have you looked at all my screenshots?

    Here is the logs where you "were around 20 seconds into the round", please re-read the part where I said you shot him @ 4 seconds. Here and here is where you again, tried to deflect any accusations against you, and you claiming that I didn't have any evidence and that it was word vs word.
  14. Fair enough but I the Rdm was not 20 seconds in because I was looking for ammo for the AK as soon as prep phase started. That building was the first place I checked.
  15. While implausible it is not impossible. If anything this is just an RDM case where someone thought they saw something they really didn't see. Users with fast reflexes and or bindings can purchase and switch with fast switch within that time frame especially if they realize it's an easy kill. As for the defense that was prior to me viewing the screenshots and thus I still thought he had a knife. Regardless of possibilities everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes they think they see something in the heat of the moment that really didn't happen regardless of how likely what they saw was. I genuinely thought he pulled a knife.
  16. Rice

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    This is a poor attempt at covering what you did, and you know it. The fact that you have the audacity to ignore the evidence, what I said, and what happened is truly astonishing. I truly have no words.

    I'll leave the thread open till later in the evening today, but as of right now there is more than enough evidence for this ban. @CDriscoll & @SchmooveySchmoove if you have any input to add, please do so.
  17. I don't know how you can say I ignored you after I addressed every single one of your points. You keep claiming I'm a liar as well strangely, when you can't tell what I think I see. At this point you might as well be screaming "liar liar pants on fire"
  18. SchmooveySchmoove

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    The situation here is that you were banned for loopholing , after telling Rice that you had claimed it as "Word vs Word" as me and him were discussing about the issue. You claimed you had killed @YSoSiriuss because he had pulled a knife out on you, which could not have been the case because he didn't even buy a knife.

    Rice has provided all of the evidence I was going to provide, the situation is that you killed sirius for pulling out a knife. However, this could of not been the case because traitor weapons were starting to be bought after you had killed Sirius, so, Sirius could of not pulled a knife out as he didnt buy one.
  19. Yeah I completely acknowledge that he didn't have a At the time I didn't know however because the round had started, I was trying to collect ammo and I thought I saw him pull a knife. I've already established that I RDM'd. How could have I known that no one had bought a Knife if there's no way to access that information in game? I killed because I thought he had knife, he didn't, I RDM'd but instead of being banned for that I was banned for saying that I saw him with a t weapon which somehow loopholes rules. I thought he had a knife, he didn't, I didn't really have enough time to check between Rice asking me and his death, but I could've sworn I had seen the knife. It was like 6AM my time, I had no sleep, I'm going to start seeing shit.

    Edit: I don't really see how/what I'm loopholing because I've explained my decisions, admitted to RDM, and elaborated on my responses and why they were what they were (the fact i didn't look at screenshots until rice stopped replying). So at this point I can't really see how I'm loopholing if I have admitted to RDMing said player and said that I'm willing to take the RDM punishment.
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  20. Chai

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    Guys, it happened to me before. Human errors folks.
    I've seen others pulling out something that resembles the knife holding animations, eventually my bleary eyes convinced myself to make the kill. Ends up, it wasn't a knife at all.

    Just pointing out from I've experienced before.
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