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  1. Abraham reles


    east server

    banned for crowbar fighting (since when is breaking the mine area in white house crowbar fighting and when some dumbass walks in-front of you over and over again and with you bashing me with the riot shield did push me into others whitehorse. )

    When i was playing on east server map white house me and another person were crowbaring the floor where the mines are and white the detective at the time kept bashing us with the riot shield and after we would push him away he would come back and yes he got hit a couple of time but that his fault he comes in there bashing two to three people all swinging crowbars and bans me because he got hit in the possess of me breaking the mine's floor area. insted of walking right into a group/some one swinging a crowbar and getting hit maybe you should just stand back and let shit happen insted of purposelessly getting hit .
  2. Tsu

    Tsu Emma is love. Emma is Life. VIP

    a) If you swing your crowbar, you are responsible for any and all damages done, even if someone walks into it. Just because everyone does it doesn't mean it's right. That's like throwing a grenade, someone walks over, and it kills them, "oh well not my fault he shoulda seen me throw the grenade".

    b) He wouldn't have banned you just for crowbar hitting him once or twice unless either a) this was your 3+ offense, or b)You left when he issued a slay and didn't serve the slay.
  3. DocFox

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    I want to start by saying that a ban would not have been warranted if this was the first time you RDM'd. I also want to state that, to my knowledge, the only way you can break the area with the mines is by using a body to break it.

    Horseman will reply at their nearest convenience.
  4. leave when ??? I never left untill i was banned so that is bs if he said i left with out being slayed . and he keeps coming back to bash other people and when they push him away and they ask him to piss-off he keeps doing it okay so how its my fault. He happened to take a crowbar a couple of times how is that my fault when he comes in and bashing me /others from behind with other detectives in a circle around the mine area (to me that's not my fault it like walking with ear-buds in and your face at the ground crossing the street oh there might be cars coming but fuck watching out for my own actions lets blame the other person who was minding there own business and bam the car runs down the person the person with there head down and music-blasting in there ears its there fault if they get hit)Just the same way white-horse walking into me and others swinging crowbars he knew the chance of getting hit and took that chance and got hit>.... stilll failing to see this as my fault fully when he simply could have left us/me alone but i guess he couldn't do it .
  5. Good evening Abraham

    You together with 2 other people started the round off by crowbar damaging several people. You in particular, the other hit 1 guy once.
    However you hit 3 different people one of which were a detective. This particular detective you hit 3 over the round times with about a minute in between each hit dealing a total of 60 damage to him. Obviously you intended to damage him.

    The ban is only local and for a day

    Feel free to play on our other servers West and West 2 for the time being and welcome back tomorrow.
  6. Tsu

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    On this server, if your actions cause any other player to take damage, then you are responsible. Doesn't matter if they walk into you, doesn't even matter if it's accidental, you didn't mean to, etc. If you throw an incendiary and someone deliberately walks into it, you're responsible. If you swing your crowbar repeatedly and someone walks into it, you're responsible.

    The fact that you hit multiple people multiple times (as according to horse) means you KNEW you could damage other players in the process, and still continued.

    You may not agree with these rules, but they are still the server's rules, and you will have to abide by them and be punished accordingly for breaking them.
  7. so being on a small area the size of a four square okay if i wanted to rdm i would just buy a full load out and stating that i purposely did it is bullshit when 3-4 people in a small area being bashed into each other by you yes i did hit other people a few times thats what happends when you get sent flying from being hit with a riot shield you need to put some blame on yourself if you would have not bashed me into others maybe they wouldn't have got hit so much in the first place.
  8. Example.
    I was innocent playing with a harpoon throwing it in to a wall point blank
    After 10 some throws someone jumped in front of it even though they saw me do it.
    I punished myself because I am held responsible for what I do that can hurt other players.
  9. as you said my action (what about his with out him bashing me i would have never moved around much in area and when i did i stopped clicking.So if it is (action's) as you said his action's of bashing me caused injury's to not only himself but others as well .)
  10. Tsu

    Tsu Emma is love. Emma is Life. VIP

    If he bashes you and you just move, it's not KOSable. But if he bashes you and say, you fall into fire, lava, off a ledge, or anything else that does damage, then its KOSable/he can be slain. Same rules apply to everyone.

    In this case, his bash did not cause damage. You swinging your crowbar did. Thus you are responsible.
  11. read msg below
  12. this is still crap to me even after i asked him to leave me alone he kept at it (maybe he didn't hear me or he didn't care idk.. but i feel if it was anyone else that wasn't a mod they would have had the blame placed on them...i find it ridiculous that he can (basically prop push) and send someone flying into someone else from behind as they crow bar the ground or wall .... and then they hit someone and damage them a result it should be there fault as well not just the person swinging
  13. So you banned me for crowbar fighting really now that's crap and you know it horse if i want a crowbar fight i want someone to agree to it and you bashing me into other's while im swinging at the ground or wall and i damage someone because of it should be your fault, and to keep it up after i asked you to stop idk maybe you just couldn't hear me but i find it funny how you can ban someone by pushing them into others and causing them to damage the person they got sent flying into.
  14. DocFox

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    Horseman, could you please present evidence pertinent to the appeal?
  15. First off. I was not the detective bashing you around.
    I don't know where you came up with that.
    I will post evidence below soon.

    As seen here you start the round hitting Zeal twice and then Rice (detective) and Sparks once each.


    You then go on to hit Zeal another time later, this equals to 60 damage dealt to him.


    And then, you again hit Rice for another 20 damage.


    Note that all other players shown in the logs were punished by the same standards.

    I rest my case.
    I say the ban stays.
    Admins feel free to unban as you wish. I will not be able to do so for the next 2 some hours.
  16. then why the hell was your name over the detectives head ?? and who the fuck was bashing me !?(yaz and i know there was another there but i never got his name only your name lop-sided over the one bashing me .)
  17. well know that i know you didnt bash me i feel like a (poopypants) and now i have to apologize to you -_- (god does it burn) to do so > horse i'm sorry i blindly threw your name out without looking at the player list at the time and to that cocksucker that was bashing me into others tighten that asshole because in two days when i'm back i'll teach you about jail house rape<----..
  18. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    Your appeal has been Denied.

    Topic Locked.

    Feel free to play on our other servers, but be careful with crowbars.
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