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Do you think i deserve a ban?

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  1. NotATraitor

    NotATraitor Regular Member

    Hello, i am kinda new to SGM and i have spent most of my past 3 days playing on your servers, nice staff and players, so i went afk for like 30 minutes and one of the servers were empty, so i went to 24/7 minecraft vanilla and got rdmed on my first round ( guy had 790 smth karma lol ), i reported and he insulted me in reply, i said keep out of my way or else i will kill you, i saw him and he aimed at me, i headshotted him and he reported me with an insult again ( might have insulted him and sorry for that ) i then said chill now no more rdm ( first guy’s name was big chungus,ik stupid name )? 1 round after that i see people aiming at someone and some shooting ( he got kosed ), i then killed the person who got kosed and he WAS a traitor but reported me ( forgot his name )? so safe to say i was not guilty in those two but in my last rdm case i did deagle an afk player in the head ( was a traitor ) but still i shouldn’t ( his name was smth ding kong ), it might’ve seemed liked i rdmed and left but did not mean to, i sent a message to mode and admins saying what i had to say but no respone then i HAD to go, i hope i only get accounted for 1 rdm and get slayed but if moderators and admins think i should be punished harder so be it and i hope that i wont break rules again, thank you for your time
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  2. Siddo

    Siddo Banned VIP Bronze

    Firstly, welcome :LOL:
    Anywho, @a n d y ツ is probably the mod who was on with you.
    Since you've linked your forum account, if you hop over to https://www.seriousgmod.com/bans/ you should be able to see if and why you've been banned. If you were banned, you can make an appeal in the TTT ban appeals subforum.
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  3. NotATraitor

    NotATraitor Regular Member

    I do not see anything but if i did not get punished i should be for i have rdmed a person, i dont think i deserve a ban tho :3
  4. a n d y ツ

    a n d y ツ nigga VIP

    I thought I was going to get an apology from you or smth gez. Also, I'm sure I wasn't the mod he was talking about.
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  5. Lordyhgm

    Lordyhgm you aint slick nathan Administrator VIP

    nah I gotcha dude, I just added the slays to your steam after you left, you good to join us again <3
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  6. NotATraitor

    NotATraitor Regular Member

    Thanks!!! Slay(s)?! Pretty sure i deserve 1 :3 , anyways i did deserve a slay before when there were mods on but it got ignored lol
  7. Poon Tsar Shrimp

    Poon Tsar Shrimp Best Member VIP Bronze

    i would just be extremely toxic back to that guy unless he starts complaining to staff before you do. it's much more enjoyable to trigger people who get salty easily.

    also, don't intentionally RDM. just wait for him to do something traitorous like shoot at you. then pop him in the head and tea bag him until the round is over. he will get sooo mad lol and you can just laugh about it
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  8. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer VIP Silver

    /me starts writing report
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  9. Solar

    Solar El Dorado VIP

    Street justice is fine. Good on you for showing that guy off.
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  10. ryan

    ryan yeet Banned VIP

    the real question is, do you even deserve an apology?
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  11. Pacifist

    Pacifist Re-imagining the Unimaginable Lead Admin VIP Bronze

    Hey OP. Don't listen to this clear DUMBASS. Street justice is BAD.

    good luck out there kid! Keep your nose clean and out of the gutter!
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  12. Solar

    Solar El Dorado VIP

    This guy is clearly a PUSSY
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  13. Dani

    Dani Impersonating Staff Banned VIP

    Street justice is good but at least try to cover your ass and wait until the obvious RDMer does something traitorous.
    Plant unID'd bodies around the RDMer! Traitor-bait him and only start damaging him when he starts shooting back! Do the good old "your buddy traitor-baits you and you accidentally hit the RDMer in the crossfire" trick! Infinite possibilities!
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  14. jshore

    jshore VIP

    such a beta post lmao should of mass rdm'd like an alpha
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