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  1. MiGGo

    MiGGo coolgamer VIP

    it's in the pointshop for 1 point (or maybe it could be 10 if 1 is too little)

    it takes away the stupid effect where your eyes get covered in blood when you get shot in the pinkie toe.


    pros: all of them
    cons: ???


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  2. Rᴇɴᴋᴏ

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  3. Togobenzoate87

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    +1 top ten suggestion of all time
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  4. Astolfia

    Astolfia Elite

    It's super annoying but I feel it would be better to remove it completely rather than this
    But this is the best for now I guess
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  5. Zyp

    Zyp VIP Bronze Iron

    To remove the blood cod shit +1 to this anyways too
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  6. If this ever does get removed, this is not the way to execute it. -1

    Why would you rate that dumb?
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  7. SilenŦ RebeŁ

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    The concept art is gold 10/10
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  8. Vector

    Vector VIP Silver

    +juan no but really +1
  9. MiGGo

    MiGGo coolgamer VIP

    in all seriousness i just want it removed
    this suggestion was powered by mountains of salt and tilt, because the screenshot in question happened around 5 minutes before this was made.
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  10. tz-

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  11. Rose♥

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    One of the most annoying thing on the servers right now, +1
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  12. Elvis

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  13. panzershrimp

    panzershrimp Best Member VIP Bronze

    -8 to counter all the +1's. Removing it would make your target less vulnerable.

    However, maybe if it wasn't the entire screen? Like just the edges like call of duty or something similar.
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  14. MiGGo

    MiGGo coolgamer VIP

    I'll take an improvement over nothing anyday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  15. panzershrimp

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  16. Guardia

    Guardia The future refused to change, Game Over. VIP

    +1 Like the second concept
  17. Trust me, NO ONE on here wants to buy goggles every round no matter how cheap.

  18. Anime will ruin this place

    Anime will ruin this place Horsefucker Legendary

    I'm afraid the main focus here is the removal or decrease (see @Wubba lubba dub dub! 's screenshot) of the red screen when being shot.
    The goggles were just a meme to (perhaps) grab attention.

    Effort was made.
  19. Cake

    Cake I like red VIP

    I feel like as it is annoyance it also helps newer players to see if they're being shot/hurt or not. A lot of people don't stare at their health bar constantly.
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  20. After playing Half-Life 2: Deathmatch I found out it's most likely hard coded into the game.