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  1. Skyrossm

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    .ant never hacks, he's really good :)
  2. ant.

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    Re: Killamarshall

    Dang you must really think I hack if you're making up all these types of hacks. Again, If you have an entire demo of me playing, not just a clip of me being good, you would see that although my aim is very good, it's not perfect. I feel like I'm repeating myself a lot because a hacking accusation is something that you can't really fight unless someone knows you in real life. It's all about my credibility of being good versus a 1 minute video clip of a moment.

    So let me just repeat my credibility of being a legit player, since I feel it's the only way to fight this.
    - I've had this account for 5 years, 50+ games(over 200 dollars worth).
    - I am an admin on a TF2 server called Team Fortress With Friends(You can look in my groups at my profile,
    - Over 300+ hours on the SeriousTTT servers, almost all of them with the AK47.
    - Over 5000 hours accumulated playing FPS games.
    - Tons of online friends(Read my comments on my profile, I've met a lot of people over 5 years, many will vouch for me if you just ask).

    This breaks my heart to think that people would actually think I hack on a video game. Please do not ban me, as you're making the wrong decision.
  3. ant.

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  4. Enigmatica

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    Re: Killamarshall

    I stand by my decision that ant. should be unbanned. Unfortunately I am not in a position to actually unban you as that is up to Killamarshall unless someone higher up overrides his decision. I have played with ant several times on STTT and I have never suspected him for hacking. Killamarshall, I urge you to rethink your decision as you do not currently have enough evidence to ban him.

    I caught a suspected hacker the other day. Instead of banning him on the spot, I took note of his steam id, recorded a 1 hour clip of him playing, and edited down to a 1 minute video displaying one of the hacker's traitor rounds, then consulted other admins and lead admins (notably Angelx) before deciding. We both agreed that he was hacking and I banned him 4 hours after he had already left the server.

    He has not come back to appeal. You know why? Likely because he knows what he did wrong and he knows his appeal will not be accepted.
  5. OmegaHunter

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    Re: Killamarshall

    Hello. I am here to speak upon ant's behalf. Before coming to your servers, he was a part of my team as an Official Admin on the TF2 servers of Team Fortress n' Friends. I am an existing Executive Admin of the servers still, and I wish to express my thoughts on the subject matter at hand with ant's ban.

    Just for a little background, TFF is a collection of servers that mainly focus on Vs. Saxton Hale. At TFF, we take pride in enforcing rules such as respect for fellow players, no annoying actions such as mic-spamming and bigotry, and most of all, the prevention of hackers. We've maintained a steady number of players for our four severs for over two years now, and our rule enforcing has not changed throughout that time. ant himself started as an Admin-in-Training, then worked up to the rank of Official Admin in no time at all.

    ant is a very relaxed and easy-going individual. He is also incredibly skilled at FPS shooters, moreso than almost any other player I've seen. He has assisted me in the bans of many people who would use hacks such as aimbots to try and give themselves an edge over other people, but to no avail. With that being said, I am 100% positive that ant did not use hacks in the video displayed in the demo. I've seen many hacks in my time, and that was nowhere near what an actual hack looks like. I would kindly ask you to reconsider this action and allow ant to play in your servers again. He is an awesome guy, incredibly fun to play with, and has the highest respect for rules.

    I'm aware my word dosen't carry much weight in this community, but I would still like to put my full confidence as both a fellow player and as an admin that ant. did not hack. Thank you for your time.

    Furthermore, if you wish to contact me further with any inquiries about ant, please feel free to contact me. Here is my steam profile:

  6. Scooter

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  7. Scooter

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    Re: Killamarshall

    i am a witness, threw i like ant. i did witness you hacking you showed no recoil on the a-k 47 and once i finish converting the video the admins will be able judge it
  8. RhazhBash

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    Personally I'd be flattered if someone false banned me for hacking. Well I can vouch that ant. is not a hacker, he is just Angelx level pro.
  9. PepsiAddict

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    Re: Killamarshall

    Hello, I'm one of ant's friend who has played with ant for a long time now and yet, I have not seen him hack once in my lifetime of gaming on TF2. His aim is really good considering the fact in TF2 he has dealt tonnes of damage to Saxton (if you know the the gamemod). I highly doubt that ant would hack with a reputation that he got to be admin.

    I would also like to point out, who on Earth would want to hack on a TTT server or even worse, in Garry's Mod? There is absolutely no damn ass point that hacking would be used in Garry's Mod. I can understand FPS game but banning a player in Garry's Mod because he was hacking? Is a ridiculous reason. If I had to estimate, I think I've played with ant in TF2 for 500+ Hours and he is a very skillful player and heard many, many compliments on him and his skills. Rethink this decision marshall cause many people are vouching for ant to be unbanned.
  10. ant.

    ant. I'm not your da da VIP Silver

    As most of my replies are on the the other forum, please deal with my ban appeal there. Although it is flattering to be accused of hacking, it's an attack on my credibility of a legit player, which insults me. When you're online your credibility is all that you have.
  11. DocFox

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    I have merged the two topics to aid anyone needing to reply.
  12. ant.

    ant. I'm not your da da VIP Silver

    If possible I would like a head admin to review this report/appeal, as it seems there's a conflict on whether I should be banned or not between admins. Thank you all for your time and I hope you make the correct decision.
  13. Scooter

    Scooter Scooter#5335 VIP

    I have 141 mins remaining
  14. TB Wolf

    TB Wolf VIP

    Personally, I can't stand playing with ant. because it's almost impossible to beat him in a gunfight.

    That said, I don't think he's a hacker. Even on your own screen you can make recoil seemingly disappear through correct mouse dragging patterns, and that video wasn't conclusive evidence of anything. I think before banning a well known/liked player, there needs to at least be some decent evidence against them. Hell, before banning ANYONE for hacks, there should be good, solid evidence, not just skepticalness that someone could play that well and have good mouse dragging abilities.
  15. Scooter

    Scooter Scooter#5335 VIP

  16. urisk2

    urisk2 ~Rawr~ I'm a polar bear VIP

    Killa you mentioned that you think Ant. might hack about 2 weeks ago and since then i have spectated him often. I really think this was a poor decision. I have seen Ant drop people in a 3v1 and i have seen him get dropped in a 1v1 when he started the fight (drugs are bad). EVERY time i spectated him there was more recoil than what i see on that video. Sometimes we just happened to hit our mark perfectly and considering you have had this vendetta for what seems to be a month now i feel like you might be looking too hard and seeing something that is not there.

    All that being said i still think you do your job very well and i would hate for this to cause friction between you and anyone else but i urge you to rethink your decision.
  17. TB Wolf

    TB Wolf VIP

    I watched the entire thing, and that video doesn't have any proof in it. It wasn't even in first person, and he's being accused of recoil hacks.

    Neither of the videos posted prove conclusively that he hacks at all really. This ban is pretty much banning on suspicion.
  18. Tsu

    Tsu Emma is love. Emma is Life. VIP

    If Killa is agreeable, I propose the following method of proof that I believe I remember another player using to get unbanned for suspected hacks.

    Ant, would it be possible for you to get a simultaneous recording, one a screencap of your screen, and one of your keyboard/mouse, and do a recording of a couple of rounds of TTT on another server, from you starting up Garry's to you getting kills etc (like the streamers on

    Since EVERY hack I know of requires you to load it after Garry's Mod is launched, if you can provide a video of you launching Garry's, going on TTT and getting the same kind of plays/performance shown above, then I'd think it'd be solid evidence that you don't hack.
  19. Thorn

    Thorn A Thorn in your side. VIP

    I Like the Idea Proposed by Tsu here. The idea of doing a cold boot of garry's mod while recording it and getting a couple of screenshots should work great.

    Smith I didnt even bother to try and watch that video you posted, I glimpsed through it and it is all third person. It is easier to try and gage a hacker out better when you have video from First person than in third.
  20. Tsu

    Tsu Emma is love. Emma is Life. VIP

    Oh yeah forgot to add that. When you're trying to get evidence on someone of hacking/ghosting/esp etc, it almost always helps to be in first person, because then you can see if they're aiming at people through walls, if their crosshair is jerking to heads, etc.
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