And I say "Adios!"

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    I’m resigning. This was a long time coming, I just finally got around to doing it. I’m resigning because the position of lead admin was no longer fulfilling me. It started to become a chore. I’ve been a staff member this term for a full year, and most of that time was spent as a lead admin. In my time I've done a lot of great things and gained the respect of several people that I absolutely cherish. That being said, I also had a lot of really stressful situations to deal with. Not even a month into my tenure I got a taste of what drama can be like, and I had to deal with a cp allegation. This was incredibly difficult for me. I didn’t sign up to be this kind of leader. I’m not temperamentally suited for it. I’ve always been a relaxed person, and I'm not afraid to say things that I probably shouldn’t say. Oftentimes I've been extremely rude and aggressive to certain people. That being said, I want to say some things.

    First of all, I think some of you take this shit a little too seriously. You get too upset over things that are so trivial. A rule gets changed and everyone has a heart attack, or a report gets concluded in a way you dislike, and, well, everyone has a heart attack. It really isn’t worth the time getting so bent out of shape. A lot of people will say that the community is dying because of Gmod, others will say it is because of the slurs change, or the crashes, or whatever, but honestly? This community is dying because the people within it are toxic. Why would any new player want to stick around when they open up the shoutbox and all they see is thirsty regulars out for blood, either against staff or other players.

    Second of all, the staff team is fine. Is it great? No. Is it the best it has ever been? I’m not sure. Yet, they give it what they can and that is commendable. Any person who sacrifices their time to babysit what is actually children deserves a goddamn medel. I mean, we like to forget this, but SGM’s staff is still held to a better standard than most servers’ staff. I mean, at least our staff aren’t calling people faggots. I did try to fix some things, but it is overly so difficult to get things done.

    Third of all, lay off Highwon a bit. The man does great work with the limited time he has. Honestly, I respect the hell out of him for sticking by his guns and running the community the way he wants it to be run. So many of us like to say we know what is best, and I know that i’m going to get shit for this, but like, this is SGM. It doesn’t change much. It probably won't ever change much more than it is now. No matter what happens. No reason to get upset over. I for one like this place for what it is now.

    Finally, I’m not going anywhere. I’m still going to be around. I have no intentions of becoming toxic. Far too many of those idiots are still hanging around making life miserable for everyone. I've got no intention of doing that. I’ll still be around for people if they need me, after all, I am not going to leave this place that easily. I’ll be around till they shut it down.

    Tags (sorry if I forgot you :( )

    @Highwon thanks for giving me the opportunity man. Hopefully I did a good job.

    @Jabba the Slut Okay good luck bud. Nah but for real, thanks for being someone that I could work with and chat with late at night. Sorry to bounce out on you like this man.

    @Lordyhgm You a good egg

    @Fear☠ You are a good admin. Too bad I wasn’t around much for you.

    @Irish You are a good kid. I hope you get your issues sorted man. Swear you are a good admin when you aren’t being an idiot.

    @Nathan776 Promoting you to deathrun admin was actually the easiest decision I ever made. Well, it wasn't the easiest decision, but it was definitely one I don't regret. You've done great work, and I know you'll keep it up. :)

    @Voca I said it before and i’ll say it again, you are a good admin. I don’t regret making you an admin, and I think you could go further than that one day. Keep on keepin on man.

    @Credence Work on your anger. Either way, you are still my favorite moderator! :)

    @Ashes Relandi Yes, I too enjoy a good bowl of rice on occasion.

    @Woet I tried man. Now go bother Jabba

    @Sticky Bandit nazi

    @Maro Lupus Hey man i hear you like wolves

    @Pixie.Danni Go easy on yourself man. You are a better mod than you think.

    @dazza hopefully i’ll finish my map soon. You aren’t as annoying as you were before.

    @Juicy Tenderloin adios gamer gurl

    @JesstheMess i’ll tell my gf you said hi

    @Grumble can i have an n word pass please

    @eks dee i’m sorry i scared you that one time

    @Prisma I told jabba to make you dr admin when Nathan resigns. Idk if he will listen but god speed my guy

    @Humancowcakes ❀ sorry i had to leave man, hopefully i'll see you in blue again someday. I would say that I hope to see you not be arrogant in the future, but honestly? lol that's not going to happen. You keep doing you though!

    @scuffed water hope your campaign to cancel Jabba is going well.

    See you on the flip side!

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  2. danstorm

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    Nooooo! I love you Pacifist, you were doing so well :(
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    I love you Paci, you were an amazing lead <3

    I'll miss youu!
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  4. Dexter

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    Totally sucks to see you resigning from staff, I feel you were the very definition of Serious when it comes to 'Serious Garry's Mod', and I expect disagreements from others. Wanted to thank you again for giving me my second chance to return to the community.

    Earth just lost it's best Lead Admin.
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  5. Bad Adult

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    Noooo paci, you will be missed by everyone in the community :( come back soon
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  6. eks dee

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  7. Highwon

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    Thanks for all the help with the community. It is unfortunate to see you resign but I completely understand. The stress of being in a lead role is not something to be taken lightly. Especially nowadays with a global pandemic adding a lot of stress in peoples lives. If and when you decide you want to come back to staffing, the doors will be wide open. Take care and best wishes!
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  8. Irish

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    issues?! pfft nerd! love you man
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  9. Maro Lupus

    Maro Lupus I don't know what to make this VIP

    You always knew how to make a dog feel special

    I'll miss you paci boy <3
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  10. Humancowcakes ❀

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    Someone has to keep other staff in check ;)
    Cya papafister
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  11. Indy226

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    I may be a trouble maker. But I genuinely looked up to you and saw you as a great lead. See you around!
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  12. Frost

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    Ay thanks for believing in me when I applied. Hope things continue to be good for you, you did great during your time period big guy. I see how the stress can become "too much", considering we all have our own lives to deal with and the stress here can start making more problems than needed, but you did your best and probably are one of the best leads I've seen here on SGM.

    Hope to see you around pal, don't let the fire within stop burning
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  13. Im sad to see you go @Pacifist, you were and amazing lead and I respect the fuck out of you man. Thanks you for the talks we have had and for always being there for literally everyone all the time. I hope to see you around again and don't forget the gumdrop nipples.
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    Alright now that a lead position is open it's time for me to reapply.

    But seriously it's sad to see you go, wish you the best in life.
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  15. Fear☠

    Fear☠ The Dark Lord Administrator Legendary

    The myth, the legend, the best tmod trainer I have ever seen and a person I always looked up to and still do.

    God speed friend
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  16. Coin

    Coin "But what if Robots" - Crhis Wedge VIP

    Dang, never really had the chance to know you cause I don't think we ever played at the same time but everyone always said how much respect they had for you. Cya
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    You were the one who made me want to apply for mod (I thought you were a pretty cool cat :shy:), and I really looked up to you. I lot of people look up to you, and I hope that you take pride in that. You were a good staff member, Paci :love:.

    I hope I get to actually play with you on the servers now :LOL:.
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  18. STONEY


    Couldn't say it better myself. Every goddamn member here seems to be so judgmental of the staff team, it's like the staff are walking through a minefield with everything they do, never getting enough credit.

    Seriously people, before you start talking shit about staff, maybe take a second to realize all the shit they take before you add some more to their pile.

    Anyway, take care Pacifist, I know I'll see you back on the team later on. :love:
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  19. Smithk47

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    sad to see you go @Pacifist you where an awesome leed admin take care of yourself see you around the server maybe we can have a jihad party
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  20. Kythol


    just forget about me i guess smh

    jk thanks for everything bud
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